Never Worry About Lens Scratches Again

If you wear sunglasses, especially while doing work or being active, lens scratches can happen. Whether it’s dropping them in the parking lot, or keys scratching against them in a book bag, the reasons our shades take a beating are many. So, you can buy a repair kit that you don’t know how to use, bring them into an expensive repair shop or just buy Nectar Sunglasses and you’ll never need to worry about a scratched lens again!

Four Reasons to Not Buy Lens Repair Kits

Of the millions of products on the market, some are highly-reliable each and every time, but a certain percentage get by on aggressive marketing and achieving less than perfect results. Lens repair kits often fall into that second category, with an overall low success rate and inferior value. Below are four key facts that forge a strong argument for why smart consumers will skip the lens repair kits in favor of better options.

Lens Repair Kits Often Don’t Work

Whether our lenses are pricy or not, we typically take a bit of pride in our shades. That said, why subject your sunglasses to a product that could not only degrade the lens, but might not work in the first place? Even if a repair kit works, it’s rare to expect your sunglasses to end up in “Good as New” condition. When Nectar can completely replace your lenses, why would you ever walk around with shades that were less than perfect?

Nectar’s Shades are Affordable

While Nectar does offer top-of-the-line specialty sunglasses, like their Strain Cutters that reduce strain from digital screens, we also have dozens of stylish sunglasses for less than $40. When you consider the fact that you can get your lenses replaced for free within 30 days of delivery, and can even exchange them with another pair within ten days, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to be happy with your new pair of shades. 


Nectar’s Sunglasses are Durable

Each pair of sunglasses offered by Nectar is designed with strength and durability in mind, because they are shades specifically made for active people. Among the most durable are the Domke shades, a pair designed after the only man to ride Teahupoo on a skimboard. To take on a 50 foot wave, you’ve got to be durable, and it’s with this mindset that Nectar crafts all of its shades, and especially the pair that pays homage to legendary skimboarder, Brad Domke. Compared to your average shades, Nectar sunglasses can take a hit.


Awesome Return Policy

In this day of internet shopping and numerous options, not every company puts their customers first, but Nectar has a solid return policy that ensures their customers stay satisfied, for years after the purchase. Long story short, you can exchange broken or scratched glasses for free within the first 30 days, and for a $10 fee at any point in the future. Once you’ve found the pair of shades that complete your look, then knowing that you can replace them at any time for $10 is priceless. It also means that you don’t have to hold back and take extra measures to treat your shades like they’re fragile. When a replacement pair of your perfect style of Nectar shades is just ten bucks away, you can leave them on without a care in the world.


A Lifelong Relationship

Once you’ve seen the massive variety of styles offered by Nectar Sunglasses, it’s easy to find that perfect pair. Whether it’s the light green frames and reddish, multi-colored lenses of the Absinthe wayfarers that fit your look specifically, or the Vegas-framed, white rimmed, blue/green lensed Parlay style of glasses, the variety of shades offered by Nectar is as vast as the types of people who wear them. The only thing that could make the purchase sweeter is if you never had to worry about breaking them, and with the all-encompassing policy offered by Nectar, you’ll never worry about your sunglasses again.