Meet the Shadester 5000, our extraordinary beach umbrella

Oh, yes we did! Nectar made a beach umbrella. Because, why not? This seaside accessory goes perfectly with our sunglasses. And let’s face it, we all need more shade.

So we’re calling it the Shadester 5000. And you are going to want one for all your beachy summer excursions—or as a gift for your super-pale friends (just not your parents).

But this is no ordinary beach umbrella. The Shadester 5000 design is big on function, but also has like 5000 style points built right in.

We ditched annoying flaps and molded a sleek, durable, water-resistant shell that comes with UPF50+ rating and is made to make a statement on the beach. The Shadester beach umbrella currently comes in four playful patterns, including:

Ocean: Think big ocean white-cappers

Icon: A mix of Nectar’s pineapple logo, anchors and, yes, skulls

Palm: A mellow, summery blend of green palm leaves

Crypto: You have to decode this one yourself

But the surprise is on inside. Each exterior pattern is complemented by a completely fresh design inside. So what you see from afar on a Shadester is a whole different experience underneath. 

At just 7.5 pounds, the Shadester is also easy to haul. A roomy carrying case and straps crafted to fit over a beach chair makes packing up sun protection a breeze. But that’s not all, friends. Check out some more of the Shadester’s most excellent specs:

Steel ribs: We’re guessing you haven’t spent much time pondering umbrella spokes, but these suckers are critical support structures. The Shadester features epoxy-coated steel, rather than polycarbonate, “ribs” to increase your new favorite umbrella’s durability.

Vented canopy: The all-important top vent is oversized on the Shadester, so you can spend more time chasing waves and less time chasing your umbrella across the beach.

Bag straps: When the Shadester is packed in its transport bag, an adjustable strap lets you lengthen as need to fit over any beach chair, allowing you to carry the two-in-one setup right on your back. 

Accessories: Just lift the Nectar logo patch on any Shadester 5000 umbrella for your very own concealed stash pocket. You never know what can go in there. There are also mounted hooks for hanging up to 10 pounds of bags and beach towels right on the pole, plus an eight-plate helical anchor screw for stability in the sand.

And don’t forget the all-important rotating phone clip. It stays right on the Shadester pole so you can stay in touch—or go for a bikini selfie.

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