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Hang it, wave it, drape it around your shoulders, or lay it down on the beach and make sweet, sweet love on it. The truth is, we don't really care what you do with your new Nectar flag. As long as you fly it at your favorite events and embrace the sweet life, we'll be as happy as a fat kid bathing nude in a swimming pool full of twinkies. Each flag is 3 ft x 5 ft


Nectar Save the Bees
We Save The World

Honeybees are important. You know it, I know it. Who pollinates the food that we eat? Not you or me...they do. So we have partnered with the BeeCause project to help save the world. With every order we provide funds to purchase honeybees for hives to be put in schools to educate the youth. The bees also have access to the outside to do what they do best. Well done, you've just helped save the world.

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