Polarized Eyewear

Using our EuphoricHD Polarized lenses ensures that your new Nectar polarized eyewear will provide prime clarity and ocular relaxation for your day to day. The lenses are not glued together like other companies and our Lucid technology block more harmful UV rays than normal polarized lenses. 

Our sunnies are made by hand.

All lenses block glare and were approved by the FDA for impact resistance. Now go out and enjoy life more.


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Polarized (F)
Polarized // APOLLO
Polarized // CAKE
Beryl Oversized Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses - Black
Polarized // ALPINE
Polarized // GATSBY
Polarized // ARCTIC
Polarized // STELLA
Polarized // COSMO
Polarized // YETI
Polarized // FOXIE
Polarized // PALMS
Polarized // BALTIC
Polarized // BOHO
Polarized // HUDSON
Polarized // BALTER
Polarized // KLEO
Polarized // MOX
Polarized // BLAZE
Polarized // HULA
Polarized // ZIG
Polarized // BOSS
Polarized // Rigby
Polarized // BARON