The cold winters of Minnesota have spawned one of the most prolific snowboarders to date. Billy Bjork has yet to see his 20th birthday, but is already known as an expert not only on a snowboard, but also behind the camera. With editing skills second only to his snowboarding skills, Billy Bjork has accomplished much in his first two decades of life. By examining the popularity of snowboarding and the rise and accomplishments of Billy Bjork, we get a glimpse into one of the most remarkable prodigies of this generation.

The Rise of Snowboarding

Inspired by sports like skateboarding early on, it wasn’t long before most of the same tricks were being pulled off on snowboards, and in 1998, snowboarding earned an official spot in the Olympics. In the early 2000’s, Shaun White made the sport immensely popular after gaining instant fame by winning two Olympic gold medals. Now in 2016, a new generation of snowboarders is pushing the limits. Amongst them is Billy Bjork who is gaining rapid popularity for his creative videos and his epic snowboarding skills.

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  • Multi-talented Kid from Minnesota

    Billy excelled at snow sports early on, but is actually a man of many interests. When he’s not snowboarding, Billy was active in high school football, wakeboarding, and other sports. Now a student at USC, Billy seems to be involved in everything, including a position as Public Relations Chair at Sigma Nu, and official videographer for USC’s Student Undergraduate Government Program Branch.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Does Billy Bjork’s talent at filming awesome videos add to his skill as a snowboarder, or is it the other way around? Either way, both aspects of his snowboarding career have earned him massive amounts of respect, and garnered the attention of a lot of different sponsors. Billy’s list of sponsors is one any athlete would envy, and includes extreme sports advocates like RIDE and Nectar Sunglasses. For anyone who wants to acquire sponsorships, follow Billy’s footprints of creating sick videos, making tons of appearances, and constantly having a fresh set of skills.

  • Coolest Videos Around

    Whether you’re checking out his snowboarding sessions, or a teaser for Wild Card, Billy’s snowboarding film, fans find his videos to be extremely creative and fast-paced. His snowboarding videos are most popular because of his clever shots, bold tricks, and unexpected music selections. Not only do snowboarding sessions and tournaments produce footage for hi vids, but Billy is often in the directing them himself. He creates awesome snowboarding films by mixing the shots, music, and athletes in a highly entertaining way that cannot be matched.

  • Notable Awards

    Billy’s videography talents have earned him some admirable awards, including the USASA Video Games Event “Best Overall Video” award from GoPro, and the KTG “Killa of the Year” award for their video contest. Furthermore, his video for the Malibu Boats Award Banquet has nothing to do with snowboarding, but with clever aerial shots and boats full of fun college kids having a blast, it won “Video of the Year” in November of 2015.

  • Billy Bjork at Woodward Table

    Woodward Tahoe can best be described as any athletic kid or X Games fan’s fantasy camp. Offering 16 facilities designed to help athletes learn new tricks in sports that include skateboarding and parkour, Woodward Tahoe also flies in pros for training sessions. When they flew Billy in, he took the opportunity to film a cool vid, but it wasn’t limited to snowboarding. His video at Woodward Tahoe shows the talented youth pulling off jumps into foam pits, parkour tricks, and snowboarders throwing grinds and flips.

  • Young and Hungry Video Series

    With an inspiring lifestyle and top-caliber surf vids, a lot of people are interested in seeing more of Peter Conroy. Peter’s episode of the surf-focused Red Bull show called This and Nothing Else, follows him through the various aspects of his life, each more intense than the last. Nonetheless, Peter’s experience is clearly different than any other surfer’s, because he comes across as a high-level professional who considers all angles of surfing and safety. When you’re dedicated to surfing, it’s easy to be inspired by the passion that Peter brings to each aspect of his life.  

The Bright Future of Billy Bjork

What do you do when you’re a college undergrad who’s accomplished more than most professors? Considering Billy Bjork’s rapid rate of success in the arts of videography and sport of snowboarding, odds are pretty strong that he’ll improve in both endeavors. After filming his high school class video, and the video at Woodward Tahoe, Billy showed the world that his talents behind the camera aren’t limited to snowboarding. Already well known in the snowboarding community, Billy has all the skills and background to transcend sports, and to create action-packed videos for any company. Perhaps a more important key to Billy’s success is his ability to bring people together. Whether classmates or professional snowboarders, everyone is having the time of their lives in Billy Bjork’s videos, and his fans are digging it.