"I'm stoked to represent all the good things this life has to offer." 

Preferring the unique style of riding known as “goofy foot”, Greg Lutzka has made an irreversible impact on the sport of skateboarding. Making it as any pro-skateboarder is no easy feat, but with a trail of top-three finishes leading back to 2003, Greg Lutzka is the real deal. Another thing about Greg Lutzka is that he’s everywhere: You might’ve seen him in a music video with Snoop Dogg, or challenging fellow skateboarders to a friendly game of S.K.A.T.E. You can also find him in a skate session with Lil Wayne, or doing tutorial videos to teach tricks to his fans. With all of the adventures Greg continually involves himself in, there is no end to his ambitions, and no limit to the ways Greg has influenced the world of skateboarding.

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Coming up in Wisconsin, Greg’s first ventures into the skating world were of the ice variety, starting early on ice skates, and moving on to play ice hockey as a teenager. Lucky for the skateboarding industry, Greg’s interest turned in that direction. The result is a slew of tournament victories and awesome vids that have been inspiring young skateboarders for over a decade.

Natural Born Skater

  • Crushing Tournaments Since ‘03

    Starting with a Gold Medal win at the Globe Skateboarding Championships in 2003, Greg went on to achieve over 25 more top three finishes in major tournaments. This trail of skateboarding victories had Greg travelling all over the world, competing in dozens of different venues, and testing his skills against some of the most well known skateboarders. Notable tournament wins include the X Games in Mexico City in 2008, the Maloof Money Cup in 2011, and the Far & High Contest in 2014. His tournament wins alone make Greg Lutzka one of the most prolific skateboarders alive today, but that’s just one aspect of his influence on the sport.
  • Putting Himself Out There

    Assuming you have the skills to grab attention, there are numerous ways to lead a skateboarding career. You can do tournaments, sponsored events, independent videos, charity functions, and shoots with other skaters. Greg Lutzka is a perfect example of the “people’s champion”, as he does all of the above and more to make his mark on the skateboarding world, and to draw as many people as possible into the sport of skateboarding. Whether you’ve seen him teaching young skaters how to pull off a passable Frontside Kickflip, or pulling off tricks in a park with one of the biggest hip-hop stars of our time, Greg is clearly one of the hardest working pro-skateboarders in the world.
  • Loved by His Sponsors

    While it’s typical for notable pro-boarders to have sponsors, Greg Lutzka has almost ALL of them, and it’s easy to see why. When a company like Mob Grips wants to show the functionality of their peel-on skateboarding grips, there’s no better sales tool than Greg explaining how to attach it, then proceeding to execute grinds, flips, and other tricks that few can do. It’s for this reason that Greg’s list of sponsors reads like a who’s who of the coolest companies around, including Harley Davidson, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Nectar Sunglasses, and Osiris Shoes, among many others.

  • Where to See Greg Lutzka

    For those interested in keeping up with the adventures of Greg Lutzka, he’s not a hard guy to find. Many of Greg’s sponsors will host unique events, ranging from major tournaments like the Globe World Championships, to the sick video of Greg skating through Austin for the human optimization brand, Onnit. Greg Lutzka has also appeared in a wide-array of skateboarding movies, ranging from Red Bull’s Seek and Destroy 2, to Money for Blood by Thrasher Magazine. Remember the comedy, Accepted, that came out back in ’06? Greg was in that as well. Ultimately, Greg’s website is his most complete source of info, as it includes vids, comments, news, and other relevant updates.

  • Expect the Unexpected from Greg Lutzka

    From impromptu games of S.K.A.T.E. where he’s matching tricks with fellow pro-skateboarders like Ryan Decenzo, to giving a tour of his home on Alli TV, Greg Lutzka has shown time and time again that he’s pretty much down for anything. This open-minded and high-energy approach to life has earned Greg exposure in a wide-variety of outlets, and attracted fans that have had numerous opportunities to witness his skills. For example, fans that may not be hardcore into skateboarding videos might’ve seen him getting woken up by a popular East Coast rapper for a morning skate session, or even appearing in the Gangsta Luv video with Snoop Dogg. With the confidence to try new things and willingness to prove his skills on a moment’s notice, it’s no surprise that he has been blowing up in recent years. One could only guess what 2016 holds for pro skater Greg Lutzka.

The People’s Champion

Winning tournaments makes a champion, but some competitors go beyond that. Not satisfied to just rack up wins, Greg Lutzka lives the life of a pro-skateboarder to the absolute fullest. This includes tutorial videos in which he breaks down elite tricks to fans, and group sessions where he tests his skills in new locations. Additionally, Greg shines as someone who thrives in any situation, showing equal competence grinding down rails, pulling off huge ollies over obstacles, and executing highly technical trick combinations. Not to mention, Greg has the rare distinction of a guy who’s skated with not just one hip hop god, but multiple, as shown in these separate skate sessions with Lil Wayne and Lil Jon. With world-class skills, wins to back them up, and more street cred than most rappers, Greg Lutzka is a champion who continues to evolve the sport of skateboarding.