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Some people follow a singular path to success and spend their lives trying to outplay their peers under a set of rules. Others choose to carve their own path, and find success in the places where others have yet to venture. Jamie O’Brien surpassed the traditional path that most surfers take, and focused instead on making enormously successful surf videos. But that’s just one of the reasons you should know about Jamie O’Brien. From riding one of the world’s most dangerous waves while on fire, to being the first surfer to get barreled while holding a drone, Jamie pushes the limits and is singlehandedly changing the world of surfing.

Jamie’s Popular Surf Videos

Feeling that he had more to offer the world than just winning the same surfing competitions, Jamie O’Brien began making videos that combine his love of surfing in exotic locations with various other ways to get his adrenaline rush. By making these videos, Jamie created a following that could no longer be ignored, and on his show, “Who is JOB 5.0?” from Redbull, he continues to innovate the sport of surfing while having tons of fun doing it. With his sidekick known affectionately as “Poopies”, the videos feature awesome feats of surfing, cool music, and an inside look at his group of surfers and their crazy shenanigans, many of which involve some variation of surfing. Throw in experimental segments like tandem surfing, and him riding Teahupoo while on fire, and you have a truly entertaining series that’s unlike anything else out there.

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A True Adrenaline Junkie

  • Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than the world’s most notorious, heaviest wave, Teahupoo, is surfing it while you’re on fire. Jamie explains that the idea first came from a private message on Instagram, and after he decided it was just crazy enough to work, Red Bull provided a support team and it was off to the races. With five layers of protective gear and singed eyebrows from the trial run, everyone involved was determined to help Jamie make this a reality. When he got barreled at Teahupoo by a monstrous wave while on fire, his reaction in a follow-up interview explained it all:

  • Tandem Surfing & Blobbing

    We said his stunts are innovative, right? He spends his days tandem surfing with his buddies, and jumping between boards while riding sick waves around the world. One of his other antics included Nectar’s blob, which he and his friends spent hours jumping off cliffs and launching each other into the air. It sounds dangerous, but once you see it you’ll want to do it too.

  • Jamie’s Film Involvement

    Fans of the Michelle Rodriguez and Kate Bosworth film, Blue Crush, may recognize Jamie playing a role he’s comfortable in, a surfer. Otherwise, Jamie O’Brien has written, starred in, and produced two films that are known by many as surf classics. The films Freakshow and Freakside are known for that killer combination of legendary surfing skills and ingenious stunts that fans have come to love. With the resounding success of these films and his Red Bull show, “Who is JOB 5.0,” Jamie has accumulated a fan base that solidifies him as a legendary surfer.

  • The Most Fun Jamie's had on a Wave

    In Jamie’s own words, “It should be illegal to supsquatch. It’s that much fun that we should get arrested.” To put it simply, supsquatching involves a giant, 16-foot surfboard with six or more surfers paddling on it. One glace at the video and anyone with even a casual love for the ocean will agree with Jamie that yes, it looks so fun it should be illegal.

Surf Phenomenon from an Early Age

With thousands of surfers in the world, one might wonder how one man can find massive success making surf videos, and at least part of the answer is that Jamie O’Brien has been an expert surfer from an early age. Growing up near the Banzai Pipeline, one of the most well known spots in the world for serious surfers, Jamie took the opportunity to hone his skills there, a decision that led him to handle many of the world’s other challenges with ease. Victories in the 2003 Hansen’s Pipeline Pro, 2004 Rip Curl Pipeline Masters, and Da Hai Backdoor Shootout events made him the first to win a pipe masters, pipeline pro and backdoor shootout title respectively. It was in 2004 that he won his first Pipe Masters, an accomplishment achieved by only one surfer per year. Ultimately, every video, appearance, and project Jamie O’Brien pursues becomes popular because people appreciate a rare glimpse into the life of the world-class surfer who’s always willing to push to boundaries of what’s possible.

A New Type of Surfer

  • In every sport, there are numerous players that strive to be the best, but then there are masters and innovators who see the entire game differently. That’s what Jamie O’Brien is to surfing. After proving that he is good enough to win the most esteemed titles in the sport, Jamie decided to try things that have never been done by another surfer. He created five seasons of a hit show, two highly respected surf films, and videos that garner international attention. With the ability to make surfing look easy while having the time of his life with friends, Jamie O’Brien is one of the most entertaining surfers to watch in 2016.