Logan Hayes was barely old enough to walk when he first set foot on a surfboard. Inspired by a father and big brother that loved surfing, Logan was a prodigy if there ever was one. By his tenth year, he’d won a major surf championship twice, and secured a sponsorship from arguably the biggest company in surfing. Logan has lived a life that would be a dream come true for even the most seasoned surfers, and he continues to move forward, honing his elite skills, and inspiring those who see him in his element.

"Eyes are put in the front of your head to look forward not back."

Like Father, Like Sons

Very often, when a parent is passionate about something, they expose their children in hopes that they’ll share that passion. Numerous photos exist of the young brothers, Logan and Hunter, surfing the beaches of Florida with their father, himself a surfer of admirable skill. Logan’s father must be glad he taught them to surf, because after exposing his sons to surfing in 1999, it was off to the races. Tournament wins soon followed, and before Logan was even a teen, it was clear that he had the potential to compete with the best surfers in the world.

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  • Teamed Up With Ron Jon

    There are athletes who excel at their sport from an early age, and then there is Logan Hayes. Sponsored by the world’s most renowned surf shop by age 10, the sponsorship was a major catalyst for Logan’s career. The decision to sign the ten year old surfer came after a major victory, specifically his win at the 2007 Hurley Rip My Shred Stick; a 16 and under competition at Sebastian Inlet that he won twice in a row. While age 10 may seem young to be a pro-surfer, Logan Hayes already had nine years of surfing experience under his belt, since he began at the ripe age of one.

  • Ron Jon Surf Celebrity

    As a highly talented surf prodigy, Logan Hayes lived the experience of growing up as a Ron Jon surf celebrity. He mentions that he didn’t know what it meant at first to be sponsored by Ron Jon, until he was picked up from school and taken to go shoot a commercial. The Ron Jon rep explained, “Here’s your script, memorize it, we’re going to the inlet”, and that began the television commercial career of Logan Hayes. After almost a decade of traveling the world surfing in tournaments and exhibition videos for the famous Ron Jon brand, it’s clear that the partnership is a win/win for both Logan and Ron Jon.

  • The Beaches of Florida

    As one might expect, the beaches of Florida are a popular haven for surfers and skimboarders. While the waves don’t get as crazy as Teahupoo, beaches like Vero, Cocoa, New Smyrna and others attract hundreds of surfers on any of the numerous hot days in Florida. Locals know that each of the beaches has its own distinct traits that set it apart, as some beaches allow cars, have bigger waves, and attract more people than others. While known for being typically sunny and tropical in terms of weather, Florida can get dark and windy really quick during hurricane season, which means bigger waves for ballsy surfers.

  • New Smyrna Beach

    Near the world famous Daytona Beach is a lesser-known beach that was recently voted one of the top ten surf spots in the world by Surfer Magazine. Located on what’s known as the “Fun Coast” because the 386 area code spells “FUN” on a touch phone, New Smyrna is more for surfers and hikers rather than tourists. This is evidenced by its surfing accolades and by the 2.4 miles of boardwalk that surrounds Smyrna Dunes Park. It’s no surprise that some of Logan’s most epic videos were filmed at New Smyrna Beach.

  • Logan at Cocoa Beach

    Sixty-seven miles south of New Smyrna along the Florida coastline is another legendary beach that Logan knows well. Cocoa Beach is home to Kennedy Space Center, Ron Jon Surf Shop, and numerous high-profile surf events. Among these, the 51st Annual Easter Surf Fest is arguably the largest. Featuring nine categories, Logan Hayes found himself placing second, with a first place finish among 18 year olds. Tournaments like that and surf exhibition videos are commonly filmed at Cocoa Beach, which has become a popular location for East Coast surfers like Logan Hayes.

  • Ron Jon Trip to Puerto Rico

    One advantage of being a team surfer for Ron Jon is that Logan gets to travel to some of the greatest surfing destinations in the world. A 2014 trip to Puerto Rico included more than just stellar surf sessions, as Logan is seen using a translator to purchase candy at a local store, cliff diving with friends off a massive waterfall, and having a fun time overall. Featuring high jumps, tough tricks, and masterful control, Logan’s Puerto Rico video is a fast-paced showcase of his elite surf skills.

  • Logan’s Surf Film, “Borders”

    Showing the world that he’s on top of his game, Logan Hayes closed out 2015 with the release of his film, Borders. Filmed by director Dalton Smith and produced by Ron Jon Surf Shop, Borders shows Logan’s adventures as he travels around Florida, California, and Nicaragua catching waves, engaging with locals, and living the sweet life. Set to the backdrop of stylish music, the film splices images of tropical locales, aerial surf shots, and Logan in action that creates a sick surf video. Logan’s fun-loving personality is on full-display in the film Borders, as he’s seen masterfully riding the wave machine at Wavehouse in San Diego, hunting bugs with his buddies, and handing out hats to local kids.

“Eyes are on the front of our heads to look forward.”

As one of the most populous states, millions of people grow up near beaches in Florida, and many thousands of them try surfing. Of those, most surfers will be content with a casual level of skill, and few will consider entering tournaments. Logan has defied all of these odds and more, shattering the rules of what it takes to be an expert surfer. When Logan received guidance from his loving father and brother on the warm beaches of Florida, he looked forward, and turned it into an epic surfing career that most could only dream of.