Lotfi Lamaali: Lord of the Longboard While most athletes travel and perform for people, none can match the style of Lotfi Lamaali. After seeing his skills, you’ll realize that “style” is the correct word to use when referring to Lotfi Lamaali. Who else do you know has ridden a longboard through the streets of Paris in a perfectly tailored suit? Full of surprises, Lotfi’s adventures span the world and his captivating attitude has earned him the admiration of everyone who witnesses his skills.

The Rise of the Longboard

Originally designed so surfers could practice when the tide was low, longboards were first popularized in Hawaii in 1959. The first ones were as simple as it gets, usually made from a wooden plank with trucks from a roller skate drilled onto the bottom. Eventually, trucks were designed specifically for skateboards, and urethane wheels improved smoothness and traction. Although deeply linked to surfing to the point where it’s widely known as “sidewalk surfing”, Lotfi Lamaali has the skills and style to change that, giving the sport of longboarding a character that’s uniquely its own.

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  • It Started in France

    Although born in Casablanca, Morocco, it wasn’t until well into adulthood that Lotfi would get into longboarding. Appropriately enough, it was in the city of love that Lotfi Lamaali first discovered his passion for the longboard. In Paris at the ripe age of 25, Lotfi Lamaali first set foot on a longboard, and his dedication hasn’t waned since. Joking in interviews that it’s never too late to discover exciting new things, Lotfi has become an elite longboarder, and continues to do a lot to expose people to the sport he loves.

  • Weekly Dock Sessions in Paris

    One of the most significant ways that Lotfi Lamaali gives back to the community and sport is with weekly Dock Sessions in Paris. Since April of 2014, Lotfi has hosted weekly longboarding events where anyone is invited. With the intentions to spread the sport and show some advanced skills, people have travelled from all over to ride with Lotfi and to witness his skills. The Dock Sessions have grown too big for a single city, and are now travelling all over France with contests, games, and demos related to longboarding.

  • Loaded Tour through Asia

    In an epic promotion by Loaded, Lotfi Lamaali travelled throughout Asia giving longboarding demonstrations and showing people what’s possible at high levels of skill. Joined by the talented Adam Colton, their journey began on the streets of Taiwan. Their “Shall We Dance: Longboard Party” event attracted dozens of curious Taiwanese fans, as Lotfi and Adam performed tricks as a team, jumping over each other’s boards and interacting for the audience. After Taiwan, the tour hit Korea and Japan, sharing the awesomeness of elite longboarding with people across Asia.

  • Yokohama, Japan

    Among the most eventful stops on the Asian tour was Yokohama, Japan. The Japanese fans couldn’t have been more excited to see Lotfi in person. Some of the trip’s highlights included lunch in a 300-year old farmhouse, a visit to a hot spring, and filming a longboarding video with a drone. Adam and Lotfi organized their session into different events, with Adam giving a clinic on basic tricks, Lotfi showing advanced stuff, and then concluding with an elite demo where Lotfi inspires the crowd with his master skills on a longboard. As a country that embraces many Western trends while having a highly unique personality of its own, it’s no surprise that Lotfi Lamaali was extremely popular in Japan.

  • Skating in a Suit

    In a clever promotion for Cortefiel’s Fall Winter Tailoring Collection, Lotfi Lamaali can be seen in a stylish suit skating the streets of Paris on his longboard. Proving that you can’t blame your clothes for your performance, Lotfi is seen pulling off grinds, jumps, and transitions as easily as if he were in athletic gear. The video is truly unlike other trick videos out there regardless of sport, because the combination of stylish clothing and elite longboarding skills in a city as classic as Paris makes for a rare and entertaining display of talent. Chosen for the main theme of his official website, Lotfi Lamaali’s highly adaptable and positive attitude made him a perfect candidate for this blend of fashion and athleticism.

  • Talented Musician

    Fashion isn’t the only side project Lotfi has dabbled in. In an interview with one of his sponsors, the Paris Truck Company, Lotfi reveals that he’s an avid guitarist. This includes covering songs as well as writing and playing his own music. Acknowledging the connection between his love of both wooden instruments, the longboard and the guitar, Lotfi insists that the two skills complement each other perfectly.

  • Bringing Cultures Together

    Aside from elite longboarding skills and a million dollar smile, the main trait that separates Lotfi Lamaali from other popular athletes is his ability to bring people of different cultures together. While all types of skaters, surfers, skimboarders, and snowboarders travel around as pros making videos, no one has the international scope of Lotfi Lamaali. From his weekly Dock Sessions that attract dozens of longboarders in Paris, to enthusiastically teaching his longboarding skills to fans in the Far East, Lotfi Lamaali is a true man of the people. Although deeply motivated to spread his love for the sport of longboarding, there is little doubt that his huge smile and happy personality have earned him a lot of fans.

Meet the Woodwalker

After seeing how effortlessly Lotfi Lamaali handles the longboard, and how he masterfully changes positions and transitions between tricks, it’s easy to see how he earned the nickname, The Woodwalker. Now the title of his website, which is more elaborate than most corporate sites, Woodwalker represents Lotfi’s path in life. In Lotfi’s own words, his beautiful bundle of wood has enabled him to create a sweet love story, and he’s used his story to change lives throughout the world. Not only is his passion for the sport contagious, but his positive approach to life leaves just as much of an impact on those who witness him in action. With guitar in hand and a longboard underfoot, Lotfi the Woodwalker is making a major splash around the world, and his thousands of fans can’t wait to see where he’ll go next.