Have you ever met one of those people who excels in everything they try? To those who have seen his athletic prowess, either on the rugby field or behind a boat on a wakeboard, or to those who have seen the academic accomplishments he’s earned during his time at Ulster University, Paul Johnston is a man of many talents. Luckily, his aspirations are not selfish. Whether in the form of coaching, filming inspiring videos, or starting his own wake park, Paul Johnston loves to give back to the community. With a contagiously positive attitude, degree in sports technology, and an unquenchable passion for wakeboarding, there are simply no limits for Paul Johnston.


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  • Off to a Strong Start

    Once Paul Johnston was watching his brother in competition and saw some of the skills that are possible in wakeboarding, he knew he had to try it, and it wasn’t long before he was entering competitions. Specifically, three of his first four years as a wakeboarder were competitive, showing that Paul had a high level of confidence and skill when he started out as a teenager. While this is partially due to his all-around athleticism, Paul attributes his early success to his opportunity to practice with the best wakeboarders in Ireland. Nonetheless, Paul Johnston enjoyed rapid success in the world of competitive wakeboarding.

  • All-Around Athlete

    Wakeboarding is the sport that has earned sponsorships for Paul Johnston, but it’s not the only one he’s good at. He also happens to be very good at rugby. As a rugby player for three years before college, Paul was recognized as player of the year in his 2009 season. His athletic experience didn’t end there, as he was an avid swimmer, and competed on his swim team for seven years. Doesn’t take someone as educated as Paul to see that strong swimming skills are useful for not only staying in shape, but for making it as a pro-wakeboarder.

Sports Tech Major at Ulster University

Paul Johnston hit the ground running with his college career, attending the second largest university in Ireland. If you haven’t heard of Ulster University, don’t feel bad because it recently went through a rebranding process in 2014. At Ulster University (UU), Paul Johnston pursued a BA in a subject that capitalizes on his talent for athletics, Sports Technology. There’s no doubt that these sports tech skills will come in handy as Paul moves on to his next epic project, founding the Titanic Wake Park.

  • Coaching at Xtreme-Gene in Spain

    As his college career came to a close, Paul Johnston took a job teaching wakeboarding skills in 2014. The location was a highly popular wakeboarding club called Xtreme-Gene, and to take the gig, Paul had to uproot from Ireland and make the move to Cordoba, Spain. Johnston documents having the time of his life, and it proves that his move to southern Spain was well worth it. Working with experienced wakeboarders and an environment conducive to training, the time at Xtreme-Gene was undoubtedly a positive step in Paul Johnston’s wakeboarding career.

Head Coach at Ski Nautique Club de Neuchâtel

In a position that can only be described as awesome, Paul Johnston scored a job as head wakeboarding coach at Ski Nautique Club de Neuchatel. Although an Irishman to the core, the gig requires Paul to live in nearby Switzerland. Nonetheless, the opportunity to coach at such an epic wakeboarding club was too great to pass up. Teaching wakeboarding skills to the world since 1958, Ski Nautique Club de Neuchatel is among the most highly respected water skiing clubs in Europe, and with his professional experience and a coaching gig under his belt, no one doubts that Paul Johnston is the perfect man to take the helm as head coach.

  • Drone Session in Switzerland

    Of all the sports, wakeboarding is arguably the most ideal for drone photography, because the lens can seamlessly track all of the action of the boat, wakeboarder, and surrounding area without missing a single wave. With a new video technology and a stellar environment, Paul Johnston’s drone video on the largest lake in Switzerland serves as a scenic and surreal glimpse into the world of pro-wakeboarding.

  • Launching Titanic Wake Park

    With an unrivaled passion for wakeboarding, and the education to do everything right, Paul Johnston embarked on his biggest project yet: Launching Titanic Wake Park in Belfast, Ireland. As an ambitious attempt to break into the cable park industry of Ireland, Paul is bringing his vast knowledge and experience to the founding of Titanic Wake Park, a gargantuan venture that could boost the popularity of wakeboarding in Europe. Combined with his degree in the perfect major for such a project, sports technology, no one doubts that Paul will find success in his increasingly ambitious projects.

An Attitude for Success

It’s common for pro athletes who focus strictly on their sport to not experience growth beyond their wins and trophies. Somehow, Paul Johnson has not fallen into the traps that catch other athletes, instead choosing to keep a positive attitude, crush it in college, and still remain one of the best wakeboarding athletes in the world. Consistently invited to participate in everything from announce competitions, to coach at wake clubs, the common feedback on Paul Johnston is that his outlook is so positive that it affects everyone. With undeniable talent and a reputation as a smart, likable guy, Paul Johnston is living proof that a strong, positive attitude is a key ingredient for success in any endeavor.