Nectar Technology

Here at Nectar, we believe in helping and enabling people to express who they are with what they wear. Simply looking cooler than a polar bear sipping a milkshake in a snowstorm isn’t good enough for us though.

We also believe that what you wear should be comfortable and perform well, as well as look good. This is accomplished by not only embracing technology, but through the proper application of technology.

Polarized Shades

We challenge you to compare, side by side, our Lucid lenses to any other brand of sunglass at any price. We’re confident you’ll find our Lucid lenses to be just as clear as, if not even more clear than, any other lens in the industry!

Our Lucid lenses are made of Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC), a new lens material to the sunglass industry teeming with technological advantages all working to keep your eyes safe and your vision pristine; protection from 100% of the suns harmful ultraviolet radiation, ultra lightweight for all day comfort, impact resistant, and crystal clear!

These lenses feature a layer of top-notch polarization. This layer knocks out all the eye fatiguing light reflected off water, roads, snow, plants and other reflective surfaces, letting your eyes kick back and relax!

Unlike most other sunglasses, every set of lenses is polarized as a single sheet, before cut, so there are no discrepancies in the polarization axis, giving you the best possible defense against glare!

There is no such thing as scratch-proof, but to give your Nectars the best possible protection against nicks and scratches and gashes, we added an ultra strong hard coat to the outside of our Lucid lenses.

For our performance lenses we’ve also added a hydroleophobic coating to repel salt water, oil, grease, and grime! This layer makes it easier to get all the water, gunk, and grossness off your lenses in the heat of the moment!

All of this technology and all these features are packed into a single layer lens that uses no glue, unlike most other sunglasses, making for the clearest cleanest possible lens!

Made for the Growers

We love plants and herbs here at Nectar. As the human population grows and expands, we can’t always grow what we need to where we need to, which has lead to the invention of indoor growing technology. Arguably the most important of these technologies is the grow lamp; lights developed to enable plants to photosynthesize and flourish inside!

The most common of these indoor grow lights are LED and HPS. These lights accentuate specific parts of the light spectrum, and emit UV and HEV light, in attempts to emulate the sun in order to efficiently grow plants inside. The main issue that arises from this technology is the radiation emitted and the distortion of true colors. Though the UV and HEV radiation are necessary for plants to grow, these types of radiation are harmful to our eyes and has short-term and long-term effects to those who spend time working underneath them. The accentuating of certain parts of the color spectrum makes it nearly impossible for the human eyes to see the true colors of the plants, making proper care a difficult task.

Our solution to this problem is the Nectar Growers. Our Grower lenses filter out 100% of the UV and HEV rays emitted by indoor grow lights enabling the green thumbed members of the Nectar family to work on them all day without harming your eyes! The lenses also filter out some of the accentuated parts of the spectrum, allowing you to see true colors, giving you the ability to notice minute changes in a plants health! As an added bonus, we included a layer of polarization, so our Growers block the reflected light off leaves and can also be used as highly effective sunglasses!


The AGW®-325 lens was developed to answer requests for even better infrared radiation protection while also reducing the light level perceived by the eye. This filter updates the traditional AGW-286 filter.

It consists of a base lens of exclusive Blue Didymium™, a thin section of our exclusive lightly tinted IR filter glass and a section of either shade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 Green Welding cemented to the base lens. You may have your lenses made half and half or one third/two thirds. The shades in standard configuration are "clear" on top and dark on the bottom. The reversed configuration (custom made, not returnable) is dark on top and "clear" on the bottom. Your choice.

Blue Light Coders

60% percent of people spend over 6 hours a day zoned out staring at some type of screen, often using multiple devices simultaneously; some of us spend all day at work locked into our computers, some of us spend countless hours throwing down in Kart, COD, or FIFA, and others of us believe ‘it didn’t happen unless you snapped and/or grammed it’.

The problem here is that TV screens, computer screens, and phone screens emit what is called High Energy Visible (HEV) light. HEV light is also known as blue light and is just a slight bit less intense than UV. In small doses blue light is healthy and natural, but 6 hours a day from 1 or 2 feet away is not natural...

Overexposure to blue light can increase the risk of cancer, increased risk of depression, disrupt your circadian rhythm, increase the rate of macular degeneration, and cause digital eyestrain. That last one, digital eye strain, is a new issue plaguing the digital generations; the blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry irritated eyes, headaches, and the neck and back pain you experience after having your face glued to a screen for hours/days on end.

The Nectar solution to the 'Digital Dilemma' is our Straincutters. These glasses are specifically designed, using an advanced lens material and anti-reflective coatings, to filter out harmful HEV light, saving your eyeballs from an early demise!

Give them a shot and we promise you’ll be able to see and feel the difference!

Frame Material

For our frames we use polycarbonate and metal. Like a professional athlete wearing a tuxedo, these frames are as classy as it gets, but can still perform!