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The Nectar Life
  • We believe that life should be lived to the fullest

  • We believe in hollering and not staring

  • We believe that saying yes to experiences makes life better

  • We believe that saving the world is great. And bees save the world. So we save bees.

  • We believe we’ll have another

  • We believe sunglasses aren’t just used for protecting your ojos, but are a lifestyle choice

  • We believe in making unique products

  • We believe in pool parties

  • We believe in beach parties

  • We believe in late night jam sessions with sub par freestyling

  • We DO NOT believe in paying for something that will probably get lost within a week

  • We believe that everybody has a story to share

  • We believe in being proficient at all bar and beach games

  • We believe in positive vibes

  • We believe in treating people how we would want to be treated when buying products online

  • We believe that sunnies shouldn’t cost a fortune