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Why not look good while making amazing art? Our frames are lightweight and super comfortable - Letting you concentrate on your art without having to worry about how good you look. THESE SHADES ARE MADE TO ORDER, PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 DAYS FOR THE ORDER TO BE PROCESSED BEFORE BEING SHIPPED.
Frame: Black     Lens: Black
  • TR90 frame - durable and flexible material under extreme heat
  • Lightweight frame specifically designed for maximum comfort 
  • Durable TR90 frame made to take a beating 
  • Optimum impact resist frame material 
  • Insane amounts of style 
  • Lenses from Aura - available in AGW-250/5 and Blue Didymium 
  • Glare reduction  
  • Flexible thermoplastic memory frame 
  • Ideal for the everyday glassblower and lampworker
  • Frame: 5.7 in. 
  • Height: 2.1 in. 
  • The arms are exactly 5.5 in. long
  • Branded microfiber pouch to keep your sunnies safe 
  • Exclusive sticker that sticks to any object 
  • Envy from all of your friends 
  • Free compliments 
  • Relaxation for your eyes
Lenses Explained
  • Blue Didymium -  blocks UV and sodium flare and is used with torch work for bead making and silver soldering. This is the traditional glass lens often referred to as "rose glass" or "didymium."
  • AGW-250/3 - The Green Ace 3 blocks infrared (IR), and sodium flare.  Shade 3.0 is used for smaller torch work with borosilicate glass such as marbles or pendants, as well as clear glass.
  • AGW-250/5 - The Green ACE 5 blocks IR, UV, and sodium flare.  Shade 5.0 is used by people doing larger borosilicate torch work such as large vessels, colored borosilicate, and torch work with thick rods.
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We Save The World

Honeybees are important. You know it, I know it. Who pollinates the food that we eat? Not you or me...they do. So we have partnered with the BeeCause project to help save the world. With every order we provide funds to purchase honeybees for hives to be put in schools to educate the youth. The bees also have access to the outside to do what they do best. Well done, you've just helped save the world.

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The torch used to make ultra crazy epic glass creations is like a small burning hunk of sun. If it’s not healthy to stare at the sun from millions of miles away, it’s sure as hell not safe to look at it from 2 feet away! When working with glass at the torch a whole slew of eye obliterating things are emitted; Infrared Radiation (IR), ultraviolet radiation (UV), High Energy Visible (HEV) Light, and High Intensity Visible (HIV) light. Though not necessarily harmful, sodium flare is also emitted and can be a huge distraction!


Sodium flare is just downright obnoxious and prevents you from seeing the details of what your working on which are quite often the most beautiful aspects of a composition. Now, if you are exposing your eyes to intense IR, UV, HEV, and HIV light for long periods of time while working at the torch you might as well roast your eyes over a campfire and make s’mores out of them. IR is the main concern for people who work with borosilicate glass, or other similar materials that need to be worked with at much high temperatures and burn brighter than soft glass, and can easily cause long-term un-correctable damage. UV, though damaging, is easily blocked by any regular pair of sunglasses so it is not as much of a concern. Overexposure to HEV and HIV light can wreck your night vision and expedite macular degeneration: the natural degradation of the structures that make up your eyes, resulting in the giant foot thick dorky glasses our grandparents wear. I think we all agree that we would like to put off wearing those glasses for as long as possible….


Aura lenses is our solution and the best solution possible for you to work in complete comfort, in the safest possible conditions for your eyes, and to be able to see what you’re working on as clear as day! Mike at Aura is a magician, using wizardry, the finest raw materials, and love to make the best glass working lenses in the galaxy. DASH-40 lenses are recommended solely for soft glass as they do not sufficiently protect against IR and let a bit too much light in to work with borosilicate glass. The AGW-203 and AGW-250/5 lenses are the pinnacle of borosilicate eyewear and protect against all the gnarly things mentioned above: IR, UV, HIV, and HEV! The main difference between the two lenses is light transmission. The shade 3’s are for marble, pendants, and small works, where as the shade 5’s are for much larger works using much more brilliant colors! As always, if you have any further questions or reservations please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask away!