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HPS lighting, you hate it but you need it to make sure your grow is on point. Introducing Nectar's solution. We have partnered with one of the top lens manufacturers in the U.S. to bring a new product to block out the harsh and intense conditions of your lights. Each product is made to order and they deliver absolutely the highest available optical clarity. We've got you covered so you can make the best grow possible.
Frame: Black     Lens: HPS and LED Optimized Lenses


  • Lightweight frame specifically designed for maximum comfort 
  • Durable polycarbonate frame made to take a beating 
  • Optimum impact resist frame material 
  • Stainless steel optical hinges
  • Insane amounts of style 
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses for maximum strength 
  • Scratch resistant film over all lenses 
  • Glare reduction 
  • Embossed logo for superior recognition 
  • Flexible thermoplastic memory frame 
  • Lets you see your plants under HPS/LED in he correct light


  • Frame: 138 mm
  • Height: 50 mm
  • Arms: 135 mm


  • Branded microfiber pouch to keep your sunnies safe
  • Exclusive sticker that sticks to any object
  • Envy from all of your friends
  • Free compliments
  • Relaxation for your eyes


Nectar Save the Bees
We Save The World

Honeybees are important. You know it, I know it. Who pollinates the food that we eat? Not you or me...they do. So we have partnered with the BeeCause project to help save the world. With every order we provide funds to purchase honeybees for hives to be put in schools to educate the youth. The bees also have access to the outside to do what they do best. Well done, you've just helped save the world.

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To grow big beautiful bushy buds you need sunlight, so to grow them inside you need to emulate the sun! To do this, many people use High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, which mimic the type of light the sun emits that plants use as energy. The problem with attempting to mimic the sun is that you end up with a light that emits some of the same harmful UV rays and HEV light as the sun! These HPS lights also emit sodium flare; the ultra bright orange glow that distorts true colors!


Overexposure to these lights, while trimming and primping your babies, can cause some of the same issues as hanging out in the sunshine without sunglasses on for a long time! The main issue being the increased rate of macular degeneration; the natural deterioration of your eyes that causes you to become an absolute menace to society behind the wheel of an automobile when your 80. On the other hand, the sodium flare and the resulting distortion of colors prevents you from being able to tell the true color of your plants and what health they're in!


Our trimmer glasses are an indoor horticulturists best friend! Not only do they block out all UV and HEV light, but they filter out the funky sodium flare so you can see the true colors of your babies, and as an added bonus they make you look as cool as a polar bear sippin a milshake in a snowstorm!