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Polarized // EPIC

Epic - Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses - Black Frame with Purple Sunburst Mirror Lens - front
Epic - Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses - Black Frame with Purple Sunburst Mirror Lens - side
Epic - Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses - Black Frame with Purple Sunburst Mirror Lens - men
Epic - Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses - Black Frame with Purple Sunburst Mirror Lens - women

Lightweight and cool

Wait... Polarized and this affordable? Yep! These are the real deal. Nectar doesn’t skimp on the quality of their sunglasses, they have a sturdy structure and they haven’t even scratched yet despite putting them in my purse and dropping them. Lightweight, cool as all get out, lots of colors to choose from, affordable AND durable? What more could you ask for?! Especially for someone with an active lifestyle like me. I love my Nectar’s!

Kacie W. - San Tan Valley, Arizona

Great for everything

Over the summer I did a lot of things. And I took my epic shades everywhere. I went on a two week backpacking trip and climbed the tallest mountain in New Mexico with them and then went to pacific city Oregon. My shades hit the ground a bunch but survived all of the falls. Thanks for building awesome shades!

Peter H. - Boise, ID

Great for bosses

Matte Black frames, polarized purple lenses, the Epics are great for showing off and letting people know you're the boss.

Carlos G. - Dallas TX

Legends, warriors, heros and straight-up party animals are typically the ones that earn the much desired title of being 'epic'. Which one are you going to be? Throw on these shades and find out.

Not only are they legendary but they are made from high-quality materials to withstand all those epic adventures. Polarized lenses keep you in the game and seeing without glare. Don’t be defeated.

Frame: Black     Lens: Purple Mirror
  • Polarized filter on lenses 
  • 100% uv protection 
  • Reduces blinding eyestrain off water and snow 
  • Lightweight frame specifically designed to take a beating
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Embossed logo for superior recognition 
  • Insane ammounts of style
  • Glare reduction 
  • Optimum impact resistant frame material 
  • Scratch resistant film over all lenses 
  • Frame: 138 mm
  • Height: 50 mm
  • Arms: 135 mm
  • Branded microfiber pouch to keep your sunnies safe
  • Exclusive sticker that sticks to any object
  • Envy from all of your friends
  • Free compliments
  • Relaxation for your eyes
Nectar Save the Bees

We Save The World

Honeybees are important. You know it, I know it. Who pollinates the food that we eat? Not you or me...they do. So we have partnered with the BeeCause project to help save the world. With every order we provide funds to purchase honeybees for hives to be put in schools to educate the youth. The bees also have access to the outside to do what they do best. Well done, you've just helped save the world.

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When you’re on the water, or snow, or other places with a whole lot of reflective surface, the sunlight bounces off these surfaces and blasts straight into your face. Even though all our sunglasses filter out the harmful UV rays, this gnarly reflected light still appears super bright!


All the glare from the sun bouncing off these surfaces is so bright it tires your eyes out and can be a big distraction, preventing you from seeing clearly!


Our polarized sunglasses have a special layer on the lens that’s acts like blinds on a window, preventing the glare from hitting your eyes! This allows for comfy happy relaxed eyes with unobstructed vision! Wonder on over to the nearest beach, river, or pond and check out the difference polarized sunglasses make on a sunny day! Have you ever noticed that the guys wearing polarized sunglasses are the first one to point out a fish near the surface of the water?