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Who doesn't like stickers? Our new vinyl decals are perfect for your board, car or friend's forehead. Summer is almost here and we really like to see NECTAR tans. What you do is - Place the decal on your body and bake in the sun for a few hours - then peel back the decal to expose your new, epic NECTAR sunburn tattoo. Like a boss.


Nectar Save the Bees
We Save The World

NECTAR donates a portion of every sale to THEBEECAUSE, a non-profit organization dedicated to repopulating the endangered honey bees and educating students across the country about how important bees are to pollinating the vital crops that sustain all humans and animals. Through this partnership--and every pair of shades YOU purchase—thriving bee hives are given to schools across the country in order to support the repopulation effort and educational opportunity.

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