The Trongone Band

The Trongone Band

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The Trongone Band — Nectar Warehouse Session #5

On Feburary 15th, 2019, The Trongone Band stopped by the Nectar warehouse before an upcoming show. FYI--It’s pronounced ‘tron-GO-knee’. All of us here at HQ were pumped to have this incredibly talented group of guys do a Warehouse session and we’re equally excited to share it with the entire Nectar family! 

In case you didn’t know--shame on you—the band was formed by Andrew and Johnny Trongone with their dad, John Sr. slappin' the bass! Along came Ben ‘Wolfe’ White (keyboardist) and Chip Hale (bassist) to complete this truly special quartet.

The Trongone Band 

After the session, we asked Andrew Trongone a few questions and here is what he had to say… 

What is your connection to Nectar?

Sean Holmes (founder) is our homie! We’re all Richmond boys, so Nectar is family to us.

What are you currently working on?

We’re putting out our second record (produced by Dave Schools of WSP) which will be out this fall. We’ve also started writing for our third album.

How would you describe your music?

Rock n’ Roll 🤘

What does The Sweet Life mean to you?

Traveling the world with my brothers and making music!

Where can people find your music?

Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, etc.

What is your go-to pair of Nectar Sunglasses?

The Mox, for sure.

What is the most epic, funny, or scary story that has happened to you on the road?

Touring Europe for a month this past winter was WILD. A lot of epic, funny, scary shit happened over the course of that month. (We have no doubt!)

So now that you’ve been formally introduced to THE TRONGONE BAND -- check out the video from their Nectar Warehouse Session AND go check them out via the links below!
Presented by: Island Coastal Lager

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  • Awesome!!! Changed my mood completely ☺️

    Rachel White on
  • They sound good&luv the sunglasses they’ve chosen.

    Jennifer M Hill on
  • Love you guys….but missing the BASS

    Jim on

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