Your Safety Guide For Festival Season

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One of the things that is missing from almost every festival promotional package and website is an important item. That item is a "Safety Guide". 

Festivals are fun and all, but your safety should be something that you should be extremely conscious of when you are at one. Don't be the ones listed in the newspaper the next day as the ones that were carted away from the festival in an ambulance. This is a scene where you really have to be responsible and know your limits. Take a quick look at this safety provision, and see if you would like to incorporate any of these safety rules in your personal safety kit for festival season. 

1. Test Kit

1. Test Kit Map: Brought To You By DanceSafe

A Test Kit is something you should definitely be packing at a festival, it is your best insurance for staying safe and knowing whats what. It is definitely worth the investment and highly recommended. 

2. RaveAid

Interested in not feeling dumbfounded after a festival. Here is your solution. RaveAid ensures protection for your brain cells and helps you avoid the comedown effect. 


Pretend that you are in a desert when you are at a festival. You need to stay hydrated, this item is so crucial. Keep water on you at all times, and always offer water to those in need or do not have any. Yikes, if you don't have any you are kookin it. 

4. Tropical Fruit

Most tropical fruits are high in Vitamin B and C so if you want to stay energetic nom on these. Take a trip to the smoothie food truck if they have one too. 

 5. Nectar Sunglasses 

Don't Forget Your Shades Fam. Its bright and sunny in the afternoon, protect your eyes. 


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