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We make innovative eyewear that doesn't cost a fortune.
Every purchase helps repopulate honeybee hives around North America.

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Polarized // ZEEZO
Polarized // WILEY
Vista - Vista Framed - Action and Sport Polarized Sunglasses - Black and Blue
Venice - Polarized Plastic Aviators - Vegas Frame - Gloss Black Frame and Tan and Amber Lens
Vagabond - Polarized Plastic Aviators - Vegas Frame - Transparent Orange Frame and Tan and Amber Lens
Tonic - Vista Framed - Action and Sport Polarized Sunglasses - Brown and Tortoise
Tahoe - UV400 Wayfarer Sunglasses - Brown Tortoise Shell Frames and Amber Lens
Sully - Polarized Aviators - Gold Frame and Tan Lens
Southside - Roundeye Polarized - Glossy Black frame with Blue Lenses
Welcome to the Sweet Life
Made for the Freethinkers and Risktakers
Experience True Freedom
Support the Bees
Every Purchase Helps to Save the Honeybee

We have partnered with the Bee Cause to help repopulate honeybee hives across the United States. 

Euphoric-HD polarization

All of our polarized lenses are 1.1 mm TAC and are not glued together.

Optimal Clarity
Look good, feel better

When you see clearly, the world opens up.

Made to take a beating

Our frames have withstood some of the harshest conditions on the planet.


Watch the video. Filmed in and around Hawaii

THE COBALT - block blue light

Reduce digital eyestrain from your devices. Relax, we designed these to help your eyes take a chill pill.
You probably need them now.

100 Percent Guarantee
Made for Adventure
A lifetime of adventures

Don’t let wearing an expensive pair of shades hold you back from doing something epic! Whether you cracked them shredding your local skate park, broke them BASE jumping, or melted them slaying dragons 10 years after you bought them; send the bits and pieces back to us and we’ll replace them for just 15 bucks!

Free Returns
Damage them within the first 30 days after delivery and we’ll replace them for free!

If they’re not what you thought or they’re defective or you have a funny shaped dome and they don’t fit you right, you can exchange them for free within 30 days of delivery! 

Free Shipping

Put in a few products and watch that shipping cost go to $0! If you want quicker delivery than standard we're sorry, the magic of getting a package across the US costs a little extra... 

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