Nectar Salt of the East

We aren’t out to impress. Or Complain.

We’d rather put on a crab boil than put on airs.

We have colorful nicknames. Use colorful language. Have colorful tattoos.

Know how to tame a wave, or a crepe myrtle if it’s getting outta hand.

Some people call us good souls. Good neighbors. Good people.

The one you call when you’re stuck in a ditch.

We’re warm, not soft. Strong, not assholes.

Kinda rare these days, but not extinct.

We are the grid of the North. The brine of the mid-Atlantic. The soul of the South.

We are the Salt of the East.

We are East Coast souls. We also make a damn good pair of sunglasses. We aim to stay true to those roots in the shades we create, infusing a bit of grit, character & inclusivity to everything we do. Welcome to Nectar.

Here is our journey

Here's our story
Nectar started in Atlanta Georgia


We started in the ATL, in a tiny apartment building shades in Druid Hills. This city inspired the hustle that we needed to push forward.

Atlanta Icon
We started in the ATL
Nectar moved to Richmond Virginia


Then we spent some time back in our hometown. F.W. Sullivans was our local watering hole with our HQ on the top floor. We also sold our thousandth pair & made friends with the punks, the poets and the day-trippers alike.

Richmond Icon
Then we spent some time in Richmond
Nectar headquarters is in Charleston South Carolina


Our home base. The place where we design our products and the magic happens. The place that has endless music with festivals like High Water and nightly shows at the Pour House. The place where small waves await to be surfed. The place where each restaurant may not know your name but treat you like family.

Charleston Icon

All of our experiences have shaped who we are and the products we create. We stand behind them in the same way we stand behind a day's worth of hard work. Proudly and with a Lifetime guarantee. Together, we're the Salt of the East.

Salt of the East Map