Shane Thomas

“My sweet life is being able to enjoy mother nature. Being able to go out in the world and capture the beauty.”
- Shane Thomas

I am a Photographer, Surfer, Snowboarder, Canon junkie, Social media marketing fanatic, Sports Industry job seeker, Instagram fiend, and above all, a creative mind. I love photography but more importantly the stories that the images can tell. The right photograph or video clip used in the right setting can speak volumes to the right audience. The right image can make you or your product look cool, popular, fun, rugged or just about any adjective you want. As a photography/videography professional, I've come to understand the blend of images and social media and how they can greatly impact people and products in this industry. My goal is to create a piece of art that you will forever love and remember!

Shane Thomas Nectar
Shane Thomas Sunglasses
Shane Thomas Nectar Sunglasses

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