Rad board shorts that go with our shades

Rad board shorts that go with our shades

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Do you choose your sunglasses to go with your beachwear or the other way around? Well, it won’t matter either way when you see these themes by some of the hippest designers in the world of board shorts—or trunks—or whatever you want to call these do-anything, be-anybody bottom halves.



“Surf lifestyle brand” are adjectives far too boring and limiting for this fashion-forward collective of creatives, athletes, musicians, skaters and party starters. Here irony comes standard, and we’re wearing it with pride.   



Unapologetically classic, these go-to, body-con “short shorts” free the quads so you can play hard—and party hard—without any games or false pretenses.



Vintage stripes, Hawaiian motifs and even one trunk dubbed “the apartment rug” show us that good design variety—drawing on art, music, surf—is not only the spice of life, but can put a new kind of rhythm in our step.


The Critical Slide Society

TCSS ought to stand for The Cool-kids Shorts Shop. These spontaneously clever patterned beach bottoms come with seriously functional elements like side-zip pockets and choose-your-own lengths. We want in.



Built on “creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy, and a generation of creators and innovators”? Yes, please. This is our kind of brand, and Vissla’s board shorts reflect that mindset in forms and patterns that fit every personality.


Deus Ex Machina

In recovery from fluorescentification, we’re digging Deus’s tonal takes—thank you, thyme green, mood indigo and tobacco—on trunks made for both the beach and the after-beach scene.



Simple, stylie and sustainable: These are just some of the words that sum up this intentional brand of global citizens. What they’re really out to craft? Meaningful connections in an increasingly multicultural world.



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