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Joe Sambo – Nectar Warehouse Session #3 + New Album Release!

Our good friend, Joe Sambo, has graced us with his presence (and music) not once but TWICE recently. He shared with us that it was through mutual local entrepreneurs, social media connections, and organic networking that we’ve become close friends and the Nectar team have been true supporters of his music.

We absolutely are.

You can often find us playing his songs throughout our office or sharing new releases, videos, and events on a group text. This musical magician weaves different genres together – reggae, soul, R&B, metal, hip hop, and even some pop elements -- to create a unique and versatile sound that you won’t find anywhere else.

His debut album, The Wrong Impression, is OFFICIALLY out and now available on all major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, and Google Play. Up next, with the help of Revelry Studios, he’ll be working on more music videos and live sessions, recording singles, and booking more show throughout the rest of the year.

Joe Sambo The Wrong Impression

We sat down and asked him a few of our favorite questions and here is what he had to say…

What is your go-to pair of Nectar Sunglasses?
I’m obsessed with the Blaze with the orange-tinted lenses. You can see me rocking them in my next video, “The Answer.” 😍

What does The Sweet Life mean to you?
Friends, bonfires, the ocean, palm trees, and good beer.

What is the most epic, funny, or scary story that has happened to you on the road?

  In Florida, everybody saw iguanas everywhere except me. While driving through Big Pine Key, I spotted something on the side of the road. “Finally! Guys, look an iguana!” Turns out, it was a dead raccoon. Safe to say, I was pretty bummed.

Now that we’ve introduced you to Mr. Joe Sambo, check out the video from Nectar Warehouse session #3 AND go check him out on the links below!
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  • Im in Fl&luv these i have 2 different pair&gravitate 2 them when i drive

    Jennifer M Hill on
  • How could you not love him and his music! Can’t wait to see I’m at the Epicenter! 😉

    Crystal Hazelton on

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