3 Road Traveling Hippies That Are Worth Following & Supporting

Have you ever asked yourself if what you are doing is worth your time and energy? Does your job, school, work fulfill a purpose and brings peace and happiness to your soul? You probably know what I am going to say next and read about people who gave up their normal lives and bought a van to pursue their personal adventures. 

However, that is not the point I am trying to make or what you should take away from reading this. If you are willing to be open minded about this post, let's take a look at how these people are an inspiration for the ones who aspire to one day take a realistic break from life they are living. Let's see what were the motives and reasonings behind their decisions in taking on an adventure that's easier said than being done. 

Anybody can just get up and say that they are going to buy a van and convert it and just chill everyday. These journeys are a serious commitment and require a strong mentality. These people are the ones who exceed the status quo and go further than the rest of us. So, give them a Follow, throw them a dollar, and show them some love.

1. IG:@TinyVanTravels

Tasha Rivard is an extraordinary woman and modern traveler she started Tiny Van Travels in 2016 after she found her 2010 Ford Transit Connect Van on Craigslist. Not only is she traveling to new spots in the US, but she is also a badass freelancer and currently enrolled at UC San Diego in the Design & Media Program. I met Tasha, while blogging for a smaller surfing website and she is also an excellent writer too. Beyond her freelancing talents she also excels in surfing and skateboarding. Tasha is so Rad !

2. Chris Burkard

I think most people are familiar with who the famous Mr. Burkard is depending on what industries you are interested in and who is in your IG community. Chris Burkard is not your regular guy with the camera, nor is he a wandering nomad without a plan. This man is the real deal and he captures everything from the best waves in the world to the most peaceful outdoor and nature settings. If you have a couple extra bucks in your wallet this guy is worth donating to.

3. The Azulay Brothers 

The Azulay Brothers are paired up exactly with the hippie surfing stereotype, but they are hardcore. These guys have successfully filmed two personal documentaries titled Sea Nomads and Peninsula Mitre which are both available on Netflix. They are currently in the works of planning another trip, but are probably saving up money for it right now. These guys are small sponsored surfers, but they rip hard as hell. 

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