You don’t have to be Kate Moss or Ralph Lauren to appreciate fall fashion. Deep, earthy colors and warm garments are general staples of the season, but what kinds of sunglasses best complement your favorite fall outfits? As we explore the types of shades that are fashionable for the fall season, perhaps some of the options will appeal to your own personal sense of style.

Earthy Fall Colors

The most noticeable change about the fall season is undeniably the changes in color seen in nature, and it’s these colors that form the most basic principle of fall fashion. Clothing that has reds, yellows, browns, oranges, and other Earthy tones are typically fashionable for the fall season. This can easily include your ideal pair of fall sunglasses, which are often found in a variety of rich natural colors.

Big Clothes, Big Shades

Another clear-cut fashion trend for this season is that oversized clothing is in. This means to get out your shirts that are noticeably too big, and rock them with confidence this season. And while all-things oversized are fashionable this season, let’s not forget oversized lenses when you’re shopping for sunglasses for fall. Large round lenses have the added advantage of making the rest of your facial features look smaller, so embrace this season’s fashion advice with some large lenses, and your extra petite nose will thank you.

Hipster Glasses

The current trend of the hipster style has completely overwhelmed the fashion industry. With unique looks and vintage styles, hipsters have become the staple children of those who go against the grain. This geek chic style reflects the ideals of every scenester, and although hipsters portray the look that they don’t care, they actually put a lot of thought and effort into their style. Because of this, it’s no surprise that the hipster culture has inspired an international fashion trend, which includes hipster sunglasses. This style of sunglasses is popular this fall, and is often characterized by round frames and tinted lenses. No other method does more to convey your unique hipster style and message than a perfectly accessorized outfit.

Sunnies that Stand Out

Colorful sunglasses are not limited to just the frames. Lenses come in a wide-array of colors, both subtle and bold, and these styles of lenses are in fashion this fall. Not only will a different colored lens impact your outfit in a new way, but also the different colors of lenses actually differ in depth perception, eye-fatigue, and other factors. While exploring different types of lenses that are in fashion this season, make sure to check out ombre sunglasses, which start dark at the top then get progressively lighter towards the bottom.

Complete your Fall Ensemble

The fall marked by the leaves changing colors in preparation for winter, and this change is reflected in the season’s most popular fashions. The Earthy browns, yellows, and oranges seen so often in nature set the tone for fall fashion, as do warm, oversized styles of clothing. The good news about fall fashion is that it’s all about comfort, so throw on your biggest shirt and some colorful shades, and get ready for the best fall season yet.

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