7 outdoor activities made better with a pair of Nectar sunglasses

Warmer weather is nearing, which means sunglasses are an even bigger must. You've not only got to look cool, but you've got to protect your eyes at the same time. 

Nectar sunglasses offer top quality polarized lenses while staying put on your face in any number of scenarios you might find yourself in while outside. 

So here are 7 great outdoor activities that are made better with a pair of Nectar sunglasses on your face—though just about every outdoor activity is made better with a pair of Nectars on. Grab yourself a new pair today!

1. Plane rides

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Nectar's polarized sunglasses will cut the glare out at any altitude, even when you're piloting a plane. If pilots trust them, you know they've got to be a good pair of shades.

2. Hanging at the beach

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Warmer weather is all about beach time, and being on the beach is all about looking good and protecting your eyes. 

3. Hiking

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Whether you're hiking up a mountain or just taking a stroll in a National Park, Nectar sunglasses are the perfect pair of shades for walks.

4. Boat rides

There might not be a place more important than on a boat for cutting down on glare. With Nectars polarized sunglasses you can look good and get a quality lens all in one.

5. Pool parties

Glare isn't going away anytime soon. So cut it out and have the best looking shades at the pool party this summer with some Nectars.

6. Skating

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Just because you're shredding doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your eyes. Nectars are built for movement and you'll find it feels like you didn't even know you're wearing them.

7. City exploring

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If there's any one particular place you've got to have the most fashionable sunglasses on, it's whenever you're in a city. With lots of windows from buildings shooting direct glare down to the sidewalks, Nectars are there for you with the needs of a great pari of shades for the city. 

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