Ashley’s Go To Shades For Life In the Lowcountry

Living in Charleston I always find myself outside and creating new adventures. With over half of the year being over 70 degrees there are many days spent under the beaming sun. One of the most important things I keep with me at all times are my Nectar Sunglasses. From the beach to brunch downtown Nectar has a pair for everyone and everything. Here are my go to shades for spring days in the lowcountry!

Best Sunglass styles for the lowcountry

Folly Beach go to shades - Greenwich

One of my favorite ways to start off the morning is catching the sunrise on Folly Beach wearing my Greenwich sunglasses. You will always find a pair of these in my beach bag! These polarized shades are perfect for everyday activities, especially days spent under the hot sun. Not only is this pair comfortable and stylish, it also comes in 4 different colorways making it one of our most popular pairs.

The Greenwich by Nectar Sunglasses

Fishing go to shades - The Shockoe

When I’m not laying on the beach or shopping downtown, you will find me on a boat somewhere fishing for redfish. In order to be fully prepared for any fishing trip I always have my Shockoe, eco friendly shades from Nectar. The clear polarized lenses help me see the fish from a mile away! This unisex pair fits almost every face shape and is essential for long days on the water.

Shockoe by Nectar Sunglasses

Downtown shopping Go to Shades -  The Hamptons

For me, shopping in Downtown Charleston can never be complete without a cute outfit and pair of sunglasses. Whether it’s brunch with the girls or walking on King street I always make sure I protect my eyes from the sun! A good cat - eye style can spice up any look! The Hamptons were designed specifically for the fashionistas of the world. Lightweight + stylish these shades are meant for a day out on the town.

The Hamptons by Nectar Sunglasses

Concert Go To Style - The Woodstock

With all of the concerts and festivals in the Charleston Area it’s always good to have a designated pair of shades that keep you protected and looking good! Finding a pair that can match with any festival outfit can always be hard. The Woodstock is a retro inspired pair that are classic and will get you from day to night!

The Woodstock by Nectar Sunglasses

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