Best Gifts for Athletes under $50

What types of gifts are ideal for athletes? It will likely vary based on the sport, but some might think that expensive training equipment and fancy gym memberships are perfect fits. These gifts can be good, but some of the best gifts for athletes are simple, portable and affordable. In fact, many gifts can be purchased for less than $50 and last for years. Considering high priced gyms charge north of $100 for a month's membership; this is a bargain. Some of the best gifts for athletes under $50 include reusable water bottles, quality sunglasses, jump ropes, and helmets!

Water Bottles

Let's face it; proper hydration is essential for all sports. In fact, it's recommended to drink 4-6 ounces of water per 20 minutes of physical activity. This will keep your muscles in top shape and allow you to enjoy any recreational activity. So, if you're going to workout for an hour, be sure to take a full 16 ounce bottle of water with you. While you can buy 30 packs of bottled water, it's recommended to find a quality, reusable water bottles. Buying large quantities of plastic water bottles, create more waste and cost more in the long run. In fact, 17 million barrels of oil are used to create bottled water and  500 billion plastic bottles litter precious natural resources. Therefore, a reusable water bottle cuts down on waste and reduces our carbon footprint.

best gifts for athletes under $50

Luckily, Nalgene has many reusable products with some costing less than $10. Nalgene is a top brand in this space and its products are Bisphenol A (BPA) free. By being BPA free, Nalgene bottles won't cause adverse health effects associated with this chemical like high blood pressure and poor infant health. Lastly, standard Nalgene bottles can contain up to 32 ounces of water, making it approximately twice the recommended hourly consumption. Since Nalgene bottles can carry relatively large amounts of water, this also saves time by requiring less trips to filling sources.


Ah, Sunglasses; this list wouldn't be complete without them. The right pair of sunglasses is crucial for any athlete especially those who surf, ski, or play other outdoor sports. Polarized Sunglasses can reduce glare, protect the eyes from damaging UV rays and increase sports performance. For example, polarized lenses can make it easier to make out details when snowboarding, which allows the rider to maneuver easier.

best gifts for athletes under $50

Some sunglasses can be quite flimsy and have low quality lenses. However, Nectar's sunglasses are polarized, stylish and are meant to take a beating. The Midnite model can be described as having ray ban quality for a fraction of the price. Coming in at $39.99, this model delivers quality at an affordable price point. The lightweight frame is meant for comfort, while polycarbonate materials and scratch free material make these glasses durable. Another feature that keeps this model from breaking are stainless steel optical hinges. Also, each pair of glasses comes with a branded microfiber patch, which provides additional protection. Most importantly, these lenses reduce all UV rays, making it great for many sports.

Jump Ropes

Jump Ropes may be associated with the school yard, but they are great for cross training. Jump roping is a great cardio exercise that keeps you quick on your feet and is especially useful for basketball, boxing, surfing, and snowboarding. In fact, legendary basketball player, Kareem Abdul Jabarr and tennis star Michael Chang, frequently cross train via jumping rope. Unlike bulky, expensive weight machines, jump ropes are light, cheap and can be used anywhere. Also, a proper jump rope technique can burn up to 120 calories in 10 minutes! This means that it's an efficient workout that can be used on the go if you have little time.

best gifts for athletes under $50

Currently, King Athletic has a jump rope package available via Amazon. This package is one of the best gifts for athletes because it has a low price point, a money back guarantee, and comes with 2 ebook exercise guides. These ebooks are usually $36, but they are included in the package and show many jump rope routines to help you become a better athlete. Lastly, this rope is adjustable and is a one size fits all model that can be set in as little as 5 minutes.


Sports are fun pastimes but many carry inherent risks including concussions, paralysis and broken bones. These risks can be easily mitigated by wearing proper headgear. Per the New England Journal of Medicine, injured riders that wore helmets had a 88% reduction of brain injury and a 85% reduction of head injury. Thus, helmets can mean the difference between recovery and irreversible injury.

Helmets are necessary in many sports including biking, skating, snowboarding, hockey and kite boarding. While some helmets are better designed for a specific sport, some can be used for multiple. For example, you can you a traditional skateboarding helmet when snowboarding or biking. There are many helmet brands out there but, the ProTec classic Certified model stands out from the rest.

best gifts for athletes under $50

Protec original comes under the classification of best action helmets available these days. This original style is a well known brand to skaters as its been around for 40 years. Most importantly, ProTec always updates it's gear with the latest technology to create the safest headgear.

Its technology includes high density PE shell and 2 layer thick foam liner, which provides both comfort and impact resistant properties. Many riders get "helmet hair" from sweat accumulation in the foam. However, this brand has a plush wrap which absorbs dripping sweat. Also, it has 11 air vents which allow air to flow freely inside the helmet, allowing the wearer to remain cool.


With the holiday season approaching, now is a perfect time to shop for your athlete. You might think that pricey gym memberships and fancy shakes are great gifts, but many of the best gifts for athletes are small, portable and affordable. Thus, you could potentially buy multiple gifts for the price of one! Many of the best gifts for athletes under $50 include jump ropes, sunglasses, reusable water bottles, helmets and more!

What are some best gifts for athletes under $50 that are affordable? Please share below!

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