End Your Summer On A Musical Note

If you couldn't make it to Lollapalooza this year, here are a couple other music festivals that could be happening in a neighborhood near you. Close out your Summer with a banger and head into fall with good vibes. Because its #AllForSummerSixteen 

  • Outside Lands is San Francisco's Urban City Music Festival that is going down on August 5-7th 2016. The festival has been listed and suggested as a top 5 or top 10 music festival to attend in the United States. It is held in San Francisco's historic Golden Gate Park and draws a lot of locals from the Bay Area, all of whom are ready to get their groove on. This year's performances include: J. Cole, St. Lucia, Thomas Jack, Radiohead, Griz, and many more. I will be there Friday, be sure to look out for a Nectar Flag in the crowd, its bound to get crazy up in here. Bring Your Stoke SF !

  • Moonrise Music Festival oh man, you aren't ready for this East Coasters. Especially, if this is your first time, you better brace yourselves. I am really hoping this was on your music festival radar since the start of the summer. This festival is a little more electronic oriented, but nonetheless it is a damn good time. Moonrise Music Festival takes place in Baltimore, Maryland at Pimlico Racecourse, which is in the middle of the east coast. If you are living to the North or the South all you have to do is hop on the I-95 and you are there. Gosh, last year was unreal this festival is Double Shaka's and Hang Loose Territory All Day. Check out the Lineup here.  Photo Credit: Moonrise Music Festival Photography Team

  • Lock'n Music Festival is a big deal in the Ole' Dirty. If you are down with the bluegrass and Classic Rock scene this is your set. You will probably see a lot of 30+ people here, but there is nothing wrong with being around older cats who can still get down to a beat. This festival hosts performances by Phish, Umphrey's McGee, Moon Taxi, Dead & Friends, and the Doobie Decibel System. Lock'n Music Festival has been jamming at Oak Ridge Farm just right outside of Charlottesville, VA since 2013. Virginians and 757 Nation get Rowdy, yeeeeeeeeeewwww ! Photo Credit: Joshua Timmermans 

  • ATL, Dirty South you know what it is, doe. The cool thing about this year's Imagine Music Festival is that it will be held at Atlanta's Motor Speedway, which is different from last year's hosting venue. Yep, a NASCAR racetrack for an electronic music festival, its about to get obnoxious up in there and I can't wait to give you a recap on how epic it was. IMF will lift off on August 26th and touchdown, but might not stop on August 28th. Hope to See ya there, I will be waving a Nectar Flag, find me. Stay LIT Nectar Team the end of summer is about to be off the chain. 


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