Entertaining Instagram Profiles Worth Following

Who thinks Instagram is a better social platform then Facebook? 

Personally, Instagram eliminates the BS political opinions and has a fresher news feed. When Instagram started everybody was able to rebuild their friend network and acquire a healthier network then their facebook network. 

As of now, you could argue that Instagram is getting blown up with Ads and companies are now competing for Ad space. Oh well, what can you do ? At least Instagram is an easier platform to manage. Plus, doesn't a picture speak a thousand words? Instagram is simply way more media friendly than Facebook, and with the addition of being able to add stories you could probably even say that it is even better than the Snap game.

According to Statista, "Twitter users grew by 43 million year over year in 2014, but only by 9 million in 2016. On the other hand, new Instagram users increased by 150 million year over year in 2014 and has since successfully grown by 100 million new users each year."

What's your preference ? 

Anyhow, let's freshen up your IG profile and get some fresh epic and comical entertainment on your newsfeed. 

Here are a couple lively profiles to follow:

@reportsfromhell-  If you surf you will have a better understanding of the language used and whole point of this profile. It basically makes fun of the Kooks who are trying to surf or claiming that they surf. Give them a follow and Let it Rip Playa !

@5thyear- Alumni and Current College Students this is your go to to see College Kids being College Kids. Drunk Moments will now be Archived through @5thyear and will never be forgotten now.


@jerryoftheday- The definition is defined in the bio ! Who wants to watch skiers do a poor job of Sending It? 





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