FestEvo Launches! Win some cool gear

We’re excited to announce that we have joined the FestEvo family! FestEvo is a membership rewards platform designed specifically for FestivalGoers—like flyer miles for people who attend festivals. Today [your brand] joins 30+ preferred vendors offering FestivalGoers exclusive deals and discounts to FestEvo Members.

But that’s not all FestEvo can do. It’s also an amazing planning tool for your next festival adventure. You can explore new festivals, listen to every artist on the lineup, see which friends are attending, plan camps, rideshares, exchange tickets and book travel. It’s a one-stop shop for planning your next festival trip.

Almost everything you do within the app earns you points called PROPS, which you can use to enter raffles for festival tickets and other cool stuff.

You can even enter the raffle we’re currently participating in! We’re giving away some Nectars

Head over to FesteEvo.com to join today.

#FestivalBetter with FestEvo

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