Focused on Sunglasses that fit your face

Focused on Sunglasses that fit your face

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Find your ideal pair of Nectar Sunglasses sunglasses that complement the shape and size of your face with Nectar.

Nectar Sunglasses Are Custom Fit For You Are You Tired of Unfitted Sunglasses
Do your sunglasses slip down over time or press against your temples too much? Look no further, because Nectar Sunglasses has you covered! With their extensive collection of stylish yet comfortable options you won't ever have to worry about uncomfortable eyewear again!

Find Your Ideal Match with Nectar Sunglasses
At Nectar Sunglasses, we recognize that each person's facial structure varies significantly and strive to offer sunglasses designed specifically to accommodate various face shapes and sizes - be they round, square, oval, or heart. So we make it our mission to offer an extensive collection of shades explicitly tailored for them all! Whether it be round, square, oval, or heart shaped faces we have you covered!

Nectar Sunglasses are handcrafted with great care and consideration to every detail, taking into account factors like frame width, temple length and bridge size to guarantee they fit comfortably and securely on your face. When wearing them you'll feel as if your shades were custom made specifically for you!

Not sure which sunglasses will best complement your face shape?
No problem - our handy Face Shape Guide below will help you select a pair that perfectly complements you and your facial structure!

Finding a pair of sunglasses should not be taken lightly; several factors need to be taken into consideration, with your face shape playing an integral role in which styles should fit best with you and complete your overall appearance.

If you have a round face shape, selecting sunglasses that add angles and definition can really transform its features. Square or rectangular frames work best at creating more balanced structures; square frames will elongate and slim your features further down while helping make you appear slimmer overall.

For square-shaped faces, round or oval frames will help soften features by adding curves that will soften sharp lines of your features and produce a more harmonious overall appearance. Any frames with sharp angles might accentuate sharp features further and cause unwelcome results.

Oval face shapes can take pride in having one of the most versatile features to complement their frame: Oval features can wear almost any style or shape of sunglasses with ease! Experiment with different shapes and styles until you find one that best matches your personal taste and aesthetic.

For best results when choosing sunglasses to complement a heart-shaped face, find frames which have wider top and narrower bottom sections such as an aviator or cat-eye style to draw away attention from your forehead and create a balanced appearance. This may help bring attention away from any particular features on your forehead while creating an overall more balanced appearance.

After carefully considering your face shape and individual features, it's also crucial to carefully consider the size and fit of sunglasses. Frame width should match up to face width while temple length should rest comfortably on your ears; additionally, nose bridge size must also be taken into account to make sure the shades sit securely without falling down the nose bridge.

Nectar Sunglasses understands finding the ideal pair can be challenging; therefore our team of specialists are here to assist. From classic aviator styles to trendy oversized frames, our wide variety of frames is sure to meet all of your individual needs and tastes.

So why settle for sunglasses that do not suit or flatter your facial structure?
With Nectar Sunglasses, you can find sunglasses tailored exclusively to you - our selection features styles tailored perfectly for every face shape! Browse today and discover your ideal shades.
Finding your ideal pair of sunglasses may feel like an impossible feat; with so many styles to select, the process can quickly become daunting. Don't despair though - our comprehensive Face Shape Guide below is here to make things easy for you and will show which sunglasses will flatter your features for effortless style!

Round Face: For those with round facial features, choosing frames with square or rectangular frames could create an overall sense of balance and add definition. By opting for sharper angles on these angular styles, sharper angles could give the appearance of having longer or structured features in your facial structure; larger frames also create depth within an outfit and give greater visual interest overall.

Square Facse: If you have a square face shape, selecting frames with soft curves such as oval or rounded shapes could help soften its sharp angles for a more balanced and harmonious appearance. Furthermore, adding thin temples or embellishments on upper corners may draw more focus upward - further improving facial symmetry.

Oval Face: With such an oval facial structure, you have an abundance of opportunities for exploring various styles of sunglasses. Your balanced proportions enable you to pull off different frames effortlessly - whether that means classic aviators or trendy cat-eye frames! Whatever suits you best is all up for experimentation!

Heart-Shaped Face: If you have a heart-shaped face, sunglasses with wider frames may help balance out both your forehead and narrow chin. Cat-eye or aviator styles are especially flattering as they highlight lovely cheekbones and add elegance. By selecting frames which widen out at the bottom instead of narrowing toward your nose bridge, a more balanced and proportionate appearance can be created; additionally, frames with delicate details or embellishments on their temples may draw the eye away from your forehead while adding some glamour and draw the eye away from both features if necessary.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are just generalized guidelines to get you started, with the end goal of finding your favorite style and feeling confident with it. Fashion is all about self-expression and individualism - don't be shy to experiment and play around with various sunglasses styles to see which suits you best! Whether your preference lies with classic, retro or bold and trendy frames; your perfect pair will not only protect your eyes but become part of your signature style as well!

Simple Returns and Exchanges
At Nectar Sunglasses, our aim is for your purchase to meet with complete satisfaction. Should something go amiss after receiving it from us, our hassle-free returns & exchange policy offers easy returns & exchanges; simply reach out to our friendly customer service team who'll assist in this process.

At Nectar Sunglasses, we understand the importance of finding the ideal pair of sunglasses is paramount to finding comfort for our eyes - which is why our goal is to ensure an easy return and exchange process. Every customer deserves sunglasses that not only protect their vision but also reflect their unique style and individual personality.

As soon as you contact our customer service team, expect a prompt and helpful response. Our dedicated staff has been trained to address any concerns related to your purchase - whether that means something different in terms of size, color or altogether; they're all here so that you have sunglasses that make you feel beautiful and confident.

Nectar Sunglasses strives to make sure that shopping experience with them is worry-free, understanding that sometimes things don't always go according to plan - that's okay, we are here for any issues or needs that might arise! With our return/exchange policy we aim to give peace of mind by covering any concerns which arise quickly or have any complications that require immediate resolution.

Nectar Sunglasses offer more than just eyewear
When you purchase Nectars you join a community who share an appreciation of style and adventure. At Nectar we know sunglasses can be more than an accessory; they're an expression of self-expression - that's why our mission is to deliver only top quality sunglasses which both protect eyesight while simultaneously complement your overall style.
No worries; our customer service team has your needs taken care of! Reach out and allow them to help find you an amazing pair of sunglasses to feel like an A-List star. Your satisfaction is of upmost importance to us; let them make sure it happens with Nectar Sunglasses!
At Nectar Sunglasses, quality is our number-one goal. That is why we stand behind every product with an unconditional lifetime warranty that covers any material or craftsmanship defects in materials or manufacturing defects that damage or break your sunglasses - simply return them and we will repair or replace them at no cost to you!
At Nectar Sunglasses, we understand accidents do happen and sunglasses may become damaged or broken in various ways. That is why our Lifetime Warranty gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected - be it scratches on the lens or cracked frames. Don't worry: Nectar has you covered.
Our team of expert technicians takes great pride in offering only the highest level of craftsmanship when repairing sunglasses. Using cutting-edge equipment and premium materials, they guarantee their repair to be perfect! Trust in them as we will treat it with the utmost care.
With our Lifetime Warranty on Nectar Sunglasses, you can take comfort knowing they will outlast everyday wear and tear for many years of enjoyment. At Nectar we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to products - that's why they're built to stand the test of time! With us you get more value out of every investment with sunglasses designed to withstand everyday life wear-and-tear, giving your investment long term enjoyment!
But our commitment to quality doesn't end there: We take great pride in the rigorous quality control processes employed at our facility to guarantee each pair of sunglasses leaves us meeting the high standards we set ourselves. From receiving raw materials until final inspection before shipping, every aspect of production and shipping are scrutinized in detail for superior craftsmanship and excellence - guaranteeing you receive products with exceptional value for your dollar!
Alongside our lifetime warranty and hassle-free returns and exchanges policy, we also offer an easy returns and exchanges process if for any reason you're not entirely happy with your purchase. Simply reach out to our customer service team - they are more than willing to assist in finding you your ideal pair. Finding new eyewear should not be stressful! So let us make that a reality.
At Sunglass Hut, comfort is of equal importance as style when it comes to sunglasses. That's why we dedicate hours designing frames that perfectly suit each face shape - no more marks left behind on your nose, or glasses slipping off! At our sunglasses workshops in China we pride ourselves in crafting sunglasses designed with care that offer a secure yet comfortable fit, meaning no more uncomfortable or loose fitting sunglasses that slip down over your cheek! We guarantee this! Our sunglasses come with precision craftsmanship for maximum comfort all day without feeling pressure or strain when worn! Say farewell to any that leave marks or slip down cheek! Our artisans create precision when crafting frames so as to provide comfort throughout each wearer experience a secure yet secure feel without feeling discomfort - say goodby to any that leave marks! Say good bye! - No longer bothersome sunglasses which leave marks or slip off mid face! Say no more loose fitting sunglasses leaving marks or slip off mid face! Say farewell those uncomfortable sunglasses which leave marks or slip down onto face! Say no more of those with marks or slip down facial features - say farewell those that leave marks or slip down face! Say farewell those annoying frames that leave marks or slip down face during wear without discomfort - let our designers ensure our sunglasses crafted precisely so as you wear all day without discomfort from those which leave marks or slip down face! Say farewell any discomfort caused!

Nectar Sunglasses stands by their commitment to finding you sunglasses that perfectly suit every face shape, as well as our hassle-free returns and exchanges policy, hassle-free returns/exchanges process, lifetime warranty coverage, and hassle-free exchange/return services - you simply cannot go wrong when shopping Nectar. Say goodbye to uncomfortable frames today by discovering your perfect pair from Nectar! Step out in style today.

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