How free thought will get you everywhere

In many ways Nectar is building a brand around freethinking. Untethered artistic license is what brings us some of our most eclectic sunglass collections to fruition each season. 

Plus we just really like to we like to hang out freethinkers: They are a constant source of inspiration. They remind us that we all have the potential to be a little more open-minded, playful and wild at heart.

Free thought breaks the norms of society that we get so wrapped up in and that hold us so tightly. When we focus more of on cultivating free thought, suddenly we can start to see beyond our social feeds, outside of our political bubbles and maybe even into the eyes of someone we never noticed before. It’s quite liberating. 

By definition, freethinkers “reject accepted opinions.” And they embody some of our favorite words: nonconformist, individualist, independent, maverick. Personality tests show that those who naturally lean toward the freethinking “type” tend to be both analytical and witty. 

They are strategists and can appreciate the abstract. Freethinkers by nature are also self-confident in that they know their strengths, yet also don’t take criticism too personally or get flustered by conflict. They are flexible, can work alone well and like space in relationships.

But freethinking can be learned, too. Here 10 ways to start getting in touch with your inner freethinker:

  1. Cultivate a personal style. Wear what makes you feel good—and alive!
  2. Break your daily routine, like daily.
  3. Start building in more fun in your life—try some new stuff.
  4. Uncover your creative essence—write, draw, build, sing until something sticks.
  5. Ask more questions—and question more authority.
  6. Trade some TV watching for reading—and more in-depth content.
  7. Talk regularly to people with whom you know you disagree.
  8. Intentionally step outside your comfort zone, even in a tiny way, each day.
  9. Find a friend who is not like-minded, but rather challenges you.
  10. Talk about—and celebrate—things that make you you.

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