How to accessorize your sunnies in winter

With the winter upon us, it’s time to re-accessorize your sunglasses. Yes, we realize that sunnies are one of the world’s greatest accessories all on their own, but what you pair your shades with certainly changes with the seasons.

Here are a few accessories to make sure you and your sunglasses look the part during the cold season. 


Lids of all makes and models frame sunnies and can add that special effect that reflects your lifestyle or mood. Depending on how cold it gets in your neck of the woods, the sunglass-and-cap look can go a million different ways: the slouch beanie, the trucker/baseball hat, the fedora, the bomber/aviator/trapper, etc. You get the picture.


Trust us, anyone of any sex of any age can rock the scarf. While scarves are more functional during the crisp days of winter, these wraps work in lighter materials year-round.

Play up a plain pair of sunnies with a brightly colored scarf or wacky pattern—or the other way around. And learn to tie or loop this accessory well or you’ll lose the effect. Seriously, YouTube it.


Sometimes it’s the facial features around sunglasses that make a statement. In winter, when skin is parched from cold, dryness and wind, add some “wet” blush to the cheeks to create that dewy beach look.

Eyebrows, which may peek out of smaller or roundie styles, are another element worth enhancing: wax them to a natural arch, pluck those flyaways, add a boost of color and, please, eliminate the uni-brow. A bold lipstick in the depths of winter is also a surprising way to add some shine to your shades.


With extra clothing and accessories meant to keep the cold out, there’s lots of stuff to keep track of in the winter. Sunglass straps may be more important than ever. While often considered a summer addition, coakies can add function and fashion to a winter wardrobe.

Nectar makes some stretchy bikini-strap styles that will keep you dreaming of the beach all year long, but there are tons of options—preppy, hippie, sporty—out there to give you the look you’re after … and make sure you won’t lose, well, the world’s greatest accessory.

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