How to care for your Nectars

We get it, you do epic stuff in your Nectars—that's why you bought them in the first place. And we get that sometimes taking risks and being a freethinker can put a strain on your sunnies. But we're here to tell you that's OK, because we build every pair of Nectars with that in mind. 

Summer is fast approaching and you're going to be going on one adventure after another, so we've put together some tips on how to best care for your Nectars while you're living life. 

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1. Keep 'em clean

Nectars are designed to be easily cleaned with merely fresh water and a microfiber cloth. It's that simple. 

2. Scratches, smatches

Lots of Nectars are made using polycarbonate lenses or a special scratch-resistant film we place on lenses to keep them from scratching. But, when you're living life to the fullest mistakes happen. So Nectar offers replacement lenses for the majority of our sunnies—or you can always take advantage of the $15 U.S. ($35 International) warranty and get a brand new pair. 

3. Don't lose your lenses

Lenses are made to pop in and out of the frames. But we don't suggest doing this unless necessary. Losing your lenses won't do your eyes any good. 

4. Don't snap your frames in half

Frames aren't really made to break in half, it kinda defeats the purpose of them. But if you did that, you must have been doing something really awesome. Which is why we've got that $15 U.S. ($35 International) warrant we mentioned. 

5. Do right by your eyes

Do you need eyeglasses or contacts to aid in your vision? Did you know that most Nectars can have a prescription placed right in the lenses so you don't have to sacrifice eyesight or sun blockage while out doing your epic things? 

6. Take them to epic places

Seriously, that's what they're made for! They want you to explore and be taken to epic places.

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