JOB 6.0: Poopies and JOB Drop in At Jaws

This past winter El Nino brought some of the biggest swells to the Hawaiian Islands and the Left Coast. Mavericks, Jaws, and Pipe were all firing and providing the locals with mucho fun and tasty waves. Photographers, Surfers, and Writers who cover the sport will never forget Winter 15' and 16'. 

In this installment of JOB 6.0, Poopies takes on Jaws with an "odd shaped 8===D board"designed by female surfer and shaper, Anastasia Ashley. While the team was scoping out the lineup in the channel, Poopies was getting phased and intimidated by the heavy slabs. "Nah man I'm not taking off my Vans" says, Poopies shaking his head in disbelief. "I'm not surfing out there....pssssshhhh". If you are a frequent viewer of this web series, you should know that it's hard to get Poopies to do stuff when he's scared, but Team Grom always Goes. The waves that day almost resembled mountain like figures and a couple guys had gnarly wipeouts. However, it didn't stop JOB and Company from charging and getting Poopies psyched to paddle out. Both made a couple of solid drops, and by that time Poopies finally found the courage at the end to ride the "8===D" board.

Stay Tuned into JOB 6.0 on RedBull TV and Find Out Whats Happening Every Friday. 

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