Labor Day Ventures

Labor Day certainly does not signify the end of summer. In fact Summer 16' just began here in the San Francisco Chill Area, but for the rest of you East Coasters the best season of the year officially ends on September 22, 2016. Labor Day is a solid holiday because you can still continue to do all of your favorite Summer Activities. There is a good chance that you are probably beaching it right now or catching waves produced by Hurricane Hermine.

Hi-Fives and Double Shakas to all the East Coast Surfers and Beach Bums wherever you are, we know you guys are keeping it Real. 

So, you see Summer doesn't slow down in September and you shouldn't either. Stay freethinking, keep taking risks, shred more, and get outside. When Fall gets here, embrace it. Take a sip of some Pumpkin Ale and reminisce about how awesome your last month of Summer 16' was. We hope that you have a stacked agenda of summer activities for the rest of the month, and if you don't and are looking for some then you should definitely tune in to this post.

Summer is Still Very Much Alive and this should be your next Destination:

1. Destination: The Banks, NC

Hurricane Hermine may have destroyed the Banks, but once the flooding evaporates you and your crew should definitely get down there. It is one of the best spots on the East Coast to get lost with nature and the one place where you can find your soul. Also you can camp wherever and don't have to check into a campground, but you didn't hear that from me.

2. Destination: Hardywood Craft Brewery, RVA 

Thinking about taking a craft brew tour and also want to indulge into some dank food truck grub, then this is the Spot. The Hardywood Brewery has been proudly serving RVA and VA locals since 2011. They are most famous for their bourbon barrel-aged beers. A favorite amongst the locals is the "Apple Brandy" bourbon barrel-aged beer. You have to go, if you have never been before. 

3. Destination: Virginia Beach, VA 

"Neptune Festival" 

2016 marks the 43rd Anniversary of the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival. It is an Art, Surfing, and Sand Sculpting Festival that draws artists from all over the nation. The festival runs from September 30th to October 2nd and everyone and their moms will be there. Get there early to enjoy the beach, music, and Sunshine. 

Have A Great Rest of Your Summer Nectar Fam & Stay Righteous,

The Nectar Staff

Photo Credit For Featured Cover Photo: Amrit Bhavinani. | Imagine Music Festival 2016 | "Imagineers For Life"

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