An Elite Sunglass Solution For Ballers

Spring & Summer is just around the corner once again, and it is time to get fresh with Nectar. At Nectar we all maintain the "inner-baller" within us, and we would like for you to feel the same way when you are choosing out a fresh pair of shades. If you are looking for an optical solution and option for this summer then we are the brand you are looking for.  Get Your Swag For Summer 2017 Here!

When we were first starting out in 2012 we basically had the "wayfarer" framed sunglasses. Since we have arrived to 2016 and the present we have increased our frame styles, updated technology, and now have a stacked collection of special edition sunglasses. Our most recent addition to the collection is the "Radioactive" category. If you are a festival goer these sunglasses are right up your alley. 

Stay Tuned In to our Social Media Feeds for Events we host, contests, and many more Nectar Activities to be determined. 

We are So Ready For Spring & Summer, but our Eyes are still remaining protected against the Winter Sun whenever it shows. 

Stay True,

The Nectar Staff 

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