Nectar Vision For The Ladies

What's happening Ladies,

Having trouble on deciding on what pair of Nectar's you want to match with your bikini or sundress? This is a friendly reminder before summer kicks off to make sure your that you have your optical lineup ready to go. Like the bros, it is important to have shades on during the summer time. You especially need them to mask your eyes from starring at eye candy on the beach or in the pool, but don't get caught starring at those 9's and 10's without a pair of Nectar Sunglasses. Owning a pair of shades where people can see through your lenses makes a starring situation even worse. Nectar lenses ensure that won't happen, with our shades we outfit you with a great look and feel. Now it is the time to crank dat Soulja Boy like it's 2007, and cop some new shades for Summer 2017. 

Here are our 5 Recommendations For The Ladies:

The Bellini:

The tortoise shell color way is the best way to express your style in the summer. This color way also compliments summer tans the best. 


The Iris: Ladies, the boys go crazy for Purple Dank and Summertime. These sunglasses are a must.

The Harvey: Trying to stunt with the Back in Black? Black is a perfect neutral color and these shades own a great frame that is perfect for oval faces. 

The Fetch: If you can't roll with black, but can rock the off-whites then the Fetch is the way to go. 


The Great Gatsbys': Gold Rails and Black Lenses, this is a great combo if you are living the Gatsby lifestyle. 

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