Nectar's Top Five Frames For Spring Break


Can't decide on which Nectar frames you should take with you on your Spring Break travel pack? Don't worry we have your bases covered by our staff here at Nectar. We have put together a list of five noteworthy frames that range from the categories of polarized to specialty frames that you should scope out before you hit your Spring Break destination. Additionally, if you need apparel or accessories too this is a good time to see what we also have in store besides our shades.


Nectar was built and influenced by huslters and this is exactly why we have this frame on hand. When we dropped the "Hustler" it became an instant hit on the men's side, and is a part of our original roots collection. Step to the Plate and get yourself a pair of these spectacles. 



The "Melli" is actually from our newly released lineup, but we are huge fans because they are unisex and fit well on both men and women. If you dig tortoise shell rails then these are the guys you are looking for. 



Did you want a pair of the "Growlers" when they first came out? Well if you still want them they are now on sale. We like the Growlers because of it's Key Lime Lenses and comfortable nose gel pieces.



The Radioactive Series is located in our Specialty category. We recommend to bring these shades if you are attending an EDM event or black-light dance room. 

Nectar - Hydrodynamic Eyewear from Nectar sunglasses on Vimeo.



The "Venice" is another unisex frame and are recommended if you are trying to stunt at the party, beach or pool, and of course morning hangover breakfasts.

Well there you have it, a couple of tasty style recommendos for your Spring Break journey. Be Sure to Tune into our Apparel Section to complete your Nectar set up. Be sure to rep us wherever you are at this Spring Break and email us at if you have some stoke-filled media for Nectar. 


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