Snowboarding Destinations Outside of the United States


Whistler, Canada:

Ok, USA snowboarders and skiiers it's time to get out of your comfort zone this winter and do some traveling. Chances are you are probably tired of the same icy conditions on the East Coast. The new frontier that you thought you would see and on the West Coast has now become familiar. So, why not get ready to go on an epic trip and claim a new winter playground? 

Whistler is definitely the place to be if you are frothing for a new frontier. The environment is dream-like with jaw dropping views, challenging terrain, and cool Canadians. Seriously, how could you not hit this place up? Also, you don't have to ride with pretentious stuck up mountain folks (don't they get under your skin too?).

Chamonix, France:

The French Alps is another territory to be conquered this winter if you are in the business for serious playtime. Although it is across the pond it's certainly worth the trip. Did you know that this was all the site for the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924? It's not really a park oriented resort, but the backcountry and powder is all time. Oh, and it is also centrally located between three countries (France, Italy, and Switzerland). So, if you are trying to explore you can hit up three countries in one trip.

Hakuba, Japan: 

 Japan was once the underground frontier for snowboarders, skiiers, and thrill-seekers. Now, it is slowly working its way to the top for the most sought out place to find the Freshies. However, it is still a place that you should go to if you have never been before. The culture and the people are extremely welcoming and kind. If you dig sake, sushi, and snowboarding this is your calling. Don't let Winter 2016 escape without visiting these spots.


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