The Big Wave Challenge Presented By Gerry Lopez


Mt. Bachelor is meant for Snowboarders with a Surfing style. 

According to renowned surfing icon Gerry Lopez, snowboarding and surfing mesh well together. Here's the proof:

In the 1990s surfer, Gerry Lopez moved from his native island in Oahu to Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. At Mt. Bachelor he introduced a new style of snowboarding influenced by surfing and shared his Aloha spirit with the Mt. Bachelor locals. Lopez has always felt that the same stoke in the ocean applies to the mountain as well. If you are a snowboarder and a surfer I am sure you can relate to this same feeling. This inspired Lopez to create the annual Big Wave Challenge at Mt. Bachelor, a non-harshly judged snowboarding contest on a Wave simulated terrain. Here snowboarders can emulate surf-maneuvers on the snow. This year Mt. Bachelor received a lot of snow and can only imagine this contest being hype.

This is last year's footy from the Big Wave Challenge, hopefully they release an aftermath edit soon.


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