The sunny side of Black Friday sunglass deals

In the last few years Black Friday has lost some of its magic. After the first surge, now there’s Cyber Monday, early deals starting this week, and an often-confusing advertising blitz of holiday discounts in stores and online.

So how do you sort it all out? And are all these deals really cost savings, or just clever markups and shipping tricks to get suck you in when you’re in the seasonal shopping mood? 

The key to nailing seasonal sales is to hone on what sunglasses you really want—as a gift or for yourself. It can be fun to accomplish both when you find the best bargain.

Watch for those two-for-one or 50% off the second pair deals or a skip-the-shipping option when you spend above a certain amount. That’s a no-brainer when you want to gift a pair of sunnies to a friend—and yourself. 

Another smart and streamlined way to shop is by brand. Narrow your search down to two or three sunglass brands that you’ve tried and you know work well for your lifestyle (or the person you’re buying them for).

Shop those specific stores for the best deal rather than getting sucked into the netherworld on online superstores like Amazon, which might send you down a two-hour rabbit hole that you don’t really have time for.

Black Friday deals

Additionally, like mom always said, stick to a budget. If you have $50 allocated to a gift and you want to get sunglasses, you have two solid choices: Either go for a higher-end pair on deep discount or consider a less expensive pair that you could couple with another accessory for a gift “package.”

Since Nectar’s shades are so affordable to begin with—and will be an additional 35% off on Black Friday and 40% on Cyber Monday—you could get a whole second gift and stay within budget. A majority of Nectar’s most popular styles are regularly $39.99, so with a 40% discount that comes to just $24. On a $50 gift budget you’ll have plenty of room to play.

Pick up a second pair for you or someone else you appreciate, or snag an accessory from us or another brand you dig. Check our site for fun gift add-ons like snapback hats, clever graphic tank tops, croakie-style sunglass straps and more.

See, Black Friday isn’t as ominous as you thought. Happy shopping, good luck scoring the sunglass deal of the season.

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