Through the rose-colored lens of Kelly Wilson

Nectar was created because two guys were tired of overpaying for sunglasses—or being forced to buy less expensive but totally ordinary designs. This philosophy inspires every one of the designs created by Nectar’s very own Kelly Wilson.


“Our laid-back, beach-inspired style is made for everyone, from bold risk takers, to travel enthusiasts, to those looking for the perfect shades for a day out with friends,” she says. “We are constantly playing around with color combinations that break the norm.”


Wilson says she finds great ideas in the everyday: Charleston’s colorful, fashion-forward lifestyle. “From Rainbow Row to the beach, we live in one of the most inspiring cities imaginable,” she says.


We caught up with Wilson to learn a little more:


What’s the coolest thing about sunglass design?

That the options are endless. When I first started, I was very conservative with my suggestions until Sean [Nectar co-founder] said to me, “We can literally make whatever we want.” That’s why I love this job. I have so much power to incorporate my creativity and individuality. Working with a small, close-knit group sparks unique ideas that would often be overlooked in larger corporations.

What’s your favorite Nectar style?

My current favorite style is the Kleo round-eyes. I love the hippie-inspired look with the chic gold lenses. Being more ovular than circular, they are very flattering on a wider variety of people. The gold tones also read “luxury” even though they are only $39.99.


What do you like to do most in your Nectars?

Go to a local Charleston beach with friends. Even when my hair is a mess and my makeup is washed off, I still feel put together when I have them on. I can also wear them in the waves and not worry about losing them since they’re so affordable. I have lost a few expensive glasses to the ocean and it’s heartbreaking!

How did you get into art/design?

I have always had a very creative mind and have followed fashion trends since I can remember. My grandmother has been my fashion icon since I was little and I grew up admiring her nice bags, dresses and art. I started working in boutiques in high school and graduated college with a fashion merchandising degree. When I found Nectar, I saw an amazing opportunity to sell high-end designs for a fraction of what people would pay for luxury brands.


What’s something most people wouldn’t know about the sunglass design process?

All of our sunglasses are inspired by places, people, pets, etc. that have had an impact on the Nectar team. Our designs are a collaboration of ideas and experiences from every employee. From owners to interns, we all have a unique influence on the details and style name. For example, many people wouldn’t know that the “Harvey” is named after co-owner Dylan’s black lab!

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