Why you should celebrate New Year’s Eve every day

Coming off some sweet New Year’s Eve moments, we're making a case for why this holiday should (and can) be celebrated every day. There’s nothing like saying goodbye to an entire year’s worth of effort (or ugly, if the case may be) and starting fresh.

Letting the past be what it is and moving forward is the key to the good life. Here’s why—and how—it’s worth it to carry a little New Year’s Eve with you into each and every day in 2018.

Let loose.

You know how you danced your a** off in your Disco shades leading up to the ball drop? Keep that memory fresh, because you’re going to need it to remind you that you are fun! You can be playful ... all year long. 

You can let loose anytime you want (preferably after work). A little kitchen dance party while cooking quesadillas? Yes, that’s perfectly acceptable. We can all welcome more of those moments to let go throughout the year. 

Reinvent yourself.

On New Year’s Eve, we all make resolutions, but they usually include some kind of cliché like going on said diet, exercising more or quitting a bad habit. But what about using this moment to really go big?

What have you always wanted to do that you’re not doing? Go ahead and make your reinvention goal lofty. Then take one baby step toward it each day of 2018. That’s a whole lot better than committing to a diet that wanes in two weeks. 

Be open-minded.

The crazy mix of New Year’s songs that Spotify came up with got me thinking that life doesn’t always have to be about the latest and greatest. Sometimes the classics are just as killer, especially when mixed with today’s genres.

This musical mashup made me ponder how else we can be more open-minded to things that aren’t always at the forefront or trendy or viral. There’s so much to reconnected with, discover and explore in all parts of our lives when we keep our minds as open as they are around the New Year.

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