Premium Acetate


Salt of the East
Made from premium acetate, this collection puts the craft in handcrafted.
To keep it short and sweet: Resilient. Renewable. Remarkable.

“The Acetate Collection is the culmination of everything we’ve learned while making glasses here at Nectar.”

Sean Holmes

These glasses are magical.

But let's get technical.

Remarkable Icon


Acetate retains its vibrancy because the color is embedded into the material. Not sprayed on. So they look great on your first wear and after. And after.

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Acetate is made from processed wood pulp. Trust us, that's a cool thing. Because unlike most man-made fibers, that means it's biodegradable. Which mother earth likes.

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Acetate is a very flexible, yet durable material. Meaning they’re able to bend (a lot) before they break.