Sunglass Tech

"We pride ourselves on making exceptional lenses for a superior visual experience."
Sean Holmes - Founder

Best Uses for Base Colors

Offshore - Grey Base Offshore conditions need a grey base lens
Inshore - Amber Base Inshore conditions need a amber base lens
Hiking - G15 Base If you are hiking you need a G15 base lens
Digital - Blue Light Base If you are using a screen you need Blue Light Blockers

Polarized Lenses Make a Difference

CR39 Lens

Experience unbeatable clarity with lenses that rank just below Crown Glass. Polarization for optimal optics and durable, scratch-resistant design, perfect for any adventure.

Polycarbonate Lens

Our high quality PC lenses deliver unparalleled clarity and durability with premium Polycarbonate Lenses. Injected polarization and clarity which is only a step below CR39, these lenses will deliver an amazing experience.

TAC Lens

Get crystal clear vision with Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) polarized lenses. Superior clarity, scratch-resistant coating, 100% UV protection, and lightweight impact resistance, all in one product.

Lens Base Options

Amber Base

Amber Base

This blocks out light transmission and amplifies contrast which is a great option for sports like fishing, golf, and other sports where you need to identify slight changes in the terrain.

VLT - 15%

Grey Base

Grey Base

This tint blocks the most light transmission while maintaining the most consistent true to world colors. Great for everyday use driving and knocks the glare off of the road and water.

VLT - 10%

G15 Polar Base

G15 Base

Blocks most light transmission and enhances contrast slightly for a nice dark tint and crystal clear viewing experience.

VLT - 12%

Frame Tech

Our goal: Revolutionize eyewear with recycled materials and lead in sustainable, eco-friendly production.

Frame Tech Image

Our frames are crafted from recycled single-use plastics, including a blend of water bottles, food containers, and bottle caps. This mixture ensures the ideal weight and aesthetic for our frames.

Our Process

Step 1

Single Use Plastic waste
Single Use Plastic waste

Our process begins by sorting single use plastic bottles and food containers.

Step 2

Process and refine
Process and refine

The recycled plastics are shredded, cleaned and refined into workable pellets.

Step 3


The pellets are then used during our molding process to produce new frames.

Step 4


The end result - a 100% recycled frame that helps reduce the amount of single use plastics from ending up in our environment.

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When designing new frame styles, our goal is to find a nice balance between function and fashion. This starts out by focusing on making sure the frame is comfortable to wear. If they are not comfy as hell, no one is wearing them! After testing 3D molds for fit, we pair the frames with lenses that will perform at the highest level to deliver the best visual experience. When we feel that these two goals are met, that is when we know we have a great pair to release into the world.

Goggles Tech

When designing our Goggles ,our goal was to make something that was incredibly user-friendly while also achieving top-tier performance. Our focus was on making the frame as efficient and practical as possible, enabling users to swap out lenses effortlessly, without having to remove their gloves. To accomplish this, we strategically placed 8 evenly-spaced magnets throughout the frame design. This results in a secure hold for the lenses, without being overly difficult to remove when it comes time to switch them out.

Nectar Snow Goggles Technology

Our Goggle frames were crafted using a high-quality thermoplastic material that creates an ultra-lightweight product that is super durable. For ultimate comfort, the frame is lined with a four-layered cushioning system that ensures a snug fit and eliminates any discomfort caused by extended wear. Each pair of goggles comes with a duo of lenses, one designed for low light conditions, and the other for high light environments, ensuring that you have the perfect vision no matter the situation. And, when the lighting conditions suddenly shift, our magnetic lens technology makes swapping lenses easy and hassle-free.

Our Collections

We have three frame collections for you and all your salty endeavors. Each with something to write home about. Or just to wear.


Recycled. Polarized & Full of flavor and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Blue Light Blockers

Give your eyes a break from the screen time. And look great while doing it.

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The most comfortable pair of goggles on the market. Shred in style.

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