Jenn Griffith

Jenn Griffith

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A Day in the Life

Jenn Griffith


Folly Beach, SC
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Jenn's artwork is easily recognized, from ocean-scapes to palm-covered surfboards.
Living and working from the beach, she draws inspiration from the ocean and its surrounding landscapes. She is best known for her murals around Charleston and her original surfboard paintings- refurbishing old surfboards as fine art pieces.
On her tagline, "don't drink the water" Jenn explains, "it is two-fold: it is a serious commentary on the world's water crisis, and our need for better-quality drinking water, whether in our own taps or around the globe, as well as the conservation of our ocean ecosystems. In a more playful sense, it is also a tribute to 'don't drink the kool-aid'-- don't believe everything you hear or see. Question things, be bold and brave, forge your own path!"

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Fun Fact

Once shared a flask of tequila with Bill Murray and talked art and golf. That was fun.

Favorite Nectar Product?

The Wynwood

Jenn Griffith Studio
Jenn Griffith Painter with her dog
Jenn Griffith Painting Surfboards
Jenn Griffith Yoloha Nectar Collaboration Painting
Jenn Griffith Surfing Folly Beach, South Carolina

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