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Sunglass Holders - Reinvented

Posted by Chris Sizemore on

If you're a sunglass enthusiast, you know the struggle of trying to keep track of your favorite shades. Whether they keep slipping off your head, getting lost in the bottom of your purse, or getting scratched up in a cluttered drawer, it can be a real pain to keep your sunglasses organized and protected.

That's where sunglass holders come in! These handy little accessories are specifically designed to keep your sunglasses safe and sound when you're not wearing them.  These sunglass holders and cases come in a variety of different materials and styles so we set out to create something that had never been done before.

For inspiration, we started with the question: what compliments our sunglasses the best? 

We know that when we are spending our time off enjoying the sun, a nice beverage always seems to feel just right together. 

Thinking about what most people we know have that like to partake in a beverage in th sun - Ah, the humble beer koozie. It's the ultimate accessory for anyone who loves to crack open a cold one on a hot day to keep beer frosty and refreshing.

So we took the crucial sunglass holder accessory and blended it with the classic beer koozie and created the first ever - Sunglasses Koozie Case. 

This product is an ideal sunglasses holder for when you’re not wearing your glasses.  The neoprene material is incredibly soft and won’t scratch your sunglasses.   There is an elastic band that allows you to tighten and close the case to avoid them from sliding out the end. 

When you’re ready to take the glasses out - the sunglass holder now becomes the perfect beer koozie.  It will fit a classic 12oz can as well as perfectly fitting a skinny can. 

The simplicity is what we love the most about this product!  When you’re looking for new and cool accessories this spring and summer - give our sunglass koozie case a try!

Cheers to those summer days ahead.

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