Specialty Optical Solutions for Special Environments

Specialty Optical Solutions for Special Environments


Nectar Sunglasses is one of the most diverse brands of sunglasses on the planet. By creating a series of “Specialty Optics”, our goal is to reach out to people who need a customized shade for a specific purpose. No other sunglass brand has this unique capability, thus making Nectar the top choice and source for Optical Solutions. We don’t just make ordinary and standard sunglasses; we go the extra mile to make sure we have a type of shade to suit each and every one of your needs.


We have four different types of sunglass designs in our “Specialty Series”:


The Boro/Didymium Series: The Fire Symbol listed in the Specialty Category represents this type of shade. In this series we made a shade designed for glassblowers or anybody that is doing torchwork and wielding. The lenses are sourced from Philips and offer IR, UV, and sodium flare protection.



The Trimma Series: The plant symbol signifies the “Trimma Series” in the Specialty Category. These sunglasses are specifically designed for indoor marijuana growers. We designed lenses to withstand blinding indoor HPS rays for the growers that are operating in indoor growing facilities. At Nectar we know that precision is the key when growing marijuana, so we want you to grow safely and precisely.


The Less Strain Series: The indicator for the strain series is the Computer symbol in the Specialty Category. Did you know we make shades for web developers and people that have to operate at a computer station all day? Whether you are creating new software or are constantly graphic designing we have the solution just for you. We specifically developed lenses that would eliminate HEV rays and blue light emissions. Keep your 20/20 vision on point with these shades.


The RX Series: Near-Sighted or Far-Sighted? No worries, we got you covered and didn’t forget about you. If you need prescription glasses and want style then grab a pair of Nectars. We also have a polarized pair available too!

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